10 Signs a Man is Interested in you


While women have always been thought to be difficult to understand, the same could be said of the modern male too. Pulled in different ways by social expectations, notions of gender equality and personal desire, no wonder that guys feel mixed up sometimes and prefer to remain non-committal. And yet there are a few clues about his verbal and non-verbal communication that could prove hopeful. So if you have been eyeing that gorgeous guy for some time now, here are ten signs to tell you if he is interested.

  1. He makes eye contact

    If a man is interested in you, he will look at you more than usual and hold your gaze longer than normal. A shifty or distracted gaze on the other hand could mean anything from a shy personality to discomfort or disinterest. Sometimes though a stranger at a bar may dart his eyes the other way when you catch him looking at you, this could mean that he is secretly interested in you but is gathering up his courage before making the first move.

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  2. He smiles at you

    If the eye contact is accompanied by a natural and ready smile, it is a definite sign that the guy finds you attractive and likes you. It is easy to spot a natural and sincere smile which is neither too strained nor too effusive and most importantly reaches up to the eyes. A half-smile on the other hand can mean that the guy is looking for a no-strings affair.

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  3. He leans forward to you

    The direction a guy’s shoulders and chest point or slightly lean towards definitely indicates a prime object of his interest. This is because a man’s upper body is the site of all his active energy and its direction signals what holds his interest. So even if a guy may be shying away from eye contact or verbal expression, if you find him aiming his upper body at you and leaning slightly forward, it means you can go ahead and chat him up.
  4. He has nice things to say about you

    If a guy pays you compliments quite frequently, it signals much more than his obvious appreciation for certain things about you; in fact a stream of praises is more likely to be an expression of his romantic interest in you. It is a man’s way of saying that he likes you and would want to take the relationship further.
  5. Sometimes the reverse is true as well

    If a guy is trying to say good things about himself too, most likely he is trying to impress you. You may get slightly bored of listening to his achievements at work or in society, but remember that they are a man’s way of trying to trying to make a good impression and he is probably doing this because he is genuinely interested in you.
  6. He keeps in touch

    If a guy calls you often, mails you or sends text messages, it is practically certain that he is interested in you. Maybe he is testing waters before asking you on a date or maybe he simply likes to talk to you – either way, a desire to communicate on a regular basis is an infallible evidence of a guy’s interest in someone he likes. The validity of this clue becomes more obvious when you consider the reverse situation - for when a guy ‘forgets’ to return your calls or reply to your emails, it is practically certain that he no longer wants to see you anymore.
  7. He initiates meetings

    Do you find a guy thinking up excuses to want to meet you often or does he happen to pass you on your way to your workplace with an unfailing regularity? If so, it is probably because he likes being with you. He may want to return something you left at the previous meeting or wish to have a cup of coffee with you for no particular reason. These are signs that he enjoys your company and is interested in you.
  8. He tries to reach out

    If a guy is interested in you, he will find small ways to connect with you physically. He may lightly brush against you when walking together or pick up a scarf to drape against your shoulder. Again your fingers may touch for a fleeting moment when he gets you a drink. An exception here could be the strong and silent type, who may consciously keep himself from touching you unless he is completely sure of your interests and commitment.
  9. He wantS to know more about you

    A guy who is interested in you will want to know about your hobbies, work and friends. He will ask you questions and will actively listen to what you say. He may ask your opinion on various matters and seem willing to look at issues from your point of view. If he wants to take your relationship further he may even laughingly ask if you have a steady boyfriend or he may sound out your preferences in men. However if his attention strays and he begins to look bored when you are talking about yourself, it is a sign that he was perhaps being just polite.
  10. He presents you with conventional tokens of interest

    Sooner or later a guy who is keen on you will come up with traditional gestures of romantic interest. He may send you a lovely bouquet of flowers to your workplace or present you a box of premium chocolates the next time you meet. The nature of his love token will of course depend on the personality of the guy but if he likes you he will surely find a way of letting you know about his interest in you.