Seducing men

While women have always been thought to be difficult to understand, the same could be said of the modern male too. Pulled in different ways by social expectations, notions of gender equality and personal desire, no wonder that guys feel mixed up sometimes and prefer to remain non-committal. And yet there are a few clues about his verbal and non-verbal communication that could prove hopeful. So if you have been eyeing that gorgeous guy for some time now, here are ten signs to tell you if he is interested.

Going by the way millions of women sweat it out in gymnasiums around the world , one would be inclined to think that the most attractive female form is reed-thin and almost-anorexic-figures are very attractive. This is curiously in contrast to the fuller female figure that many men profess to find more desirable.

Women all over the world invest considerable time and energy to look attractive for men. And one significant component of their appearance is hair. Perhaps this is why women continue to agonize over the right hairstyle which will not only attract the man of their dreams but also keep him hooked. But then how to understand what the guys want and whether they like short or long hair on their women?

One of the biggest sources of anxiety, that wives face after some time into a marriage, is the realization that their husbands no longer find them as attractive as before. This usually happens when the wife gets too caught up in her responsibilities and is unable to find time for herself, after juggling a home and a career. If you too feel that your husband no longer looks at you with desire and is quicker at noticing the pretty young thing at the next table, it may be time to take action.


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