How to Turn on a Woman - Tips and Advice

What a woman wants in bed has long figured among the top concerns of men. While not everybody is a born seducer like Casanova and Don Juan, the good news is that the art of turning on a woman is a learned skill, one which actually gets better with practice. So here are a few tips to turn on the woman of your dreams and keep her coming back for more.

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Create the right ambience

While men are quickly aroused by visual images of attractive women or sexual activity, women are equally susceptible to the appeal of other senses. So if you want a woman to respond to your overtures, make sure the setting is right. Use muted lighting to create a romantic effect and play some soft music in the background. Lighting scented candles or keeping aromatic pouches around is also a good idea since certain fragrances like rose and sandal have been known to heighten desire among women. Don’t forget dainty bites of chocolates, colorful berries or a full-bodied red wine as these have been known to possess aphrodisiac properties. Finally see that there soft or smooth textures like silk and satin to lounge about since the feel of these against the skin can go a long way in putting a woman in the mood for love.

Whisper sweet nothings

Fantasies make up a significant aspect of adult sexual behavior. However while your woman is sure to have a couple of her own favorites, don’t indulge in dirty talk at the very outset. Rather whisper sweet nothings in her ear, telling her how attractive she looks or how much her love means to you. It is much more important for women to feel loved and appreciated if they are to respond to you sexually. This is perhaps one of the reasons why they need to be courted in a romantic way before they can feel comfortable enough to let you approach them intimately.

Spend time on foreplay

Even though this aspect of lovemaking is quite the butt of guys’ jokes, the fact remains that foreplay is crucial if you wish to turn on a woman. There are many ways you can go about this so that you enjoy it as much as your partner. You could start out with kissing your woman gently on her lips and then as she responds by arching her back or pulling you close, go on to use your tongue to explore her mouth as well as her neck and earlobes. The inside of a woman’s wrists, the back of her knees, her feet and palm are other erogenous zones that when touched and caressed in the right way can send shivers down her spine. If you want to make the session livelier, ask your partner if she would like you to act out a fantasy of hers. Alternatively you can incorporate a sensual massage or a relaxing foot rub into the foreplay. Do what works best for your woman and once you see foreplay as an intrinsic part of making love, you will come to enjoy it as much as your partner.

Compliment her

One of the surest ways to quicken a woman’s desire is to make her feel very special. You can do this by taking your time in undressing her and as you do so, look long and lovingly at her body. If she seems embarrassed or unsure of her looks, tell her that you find her immensely attractive or praise a certain physical aspect, like “you have the softest lips I have ever kissed” or “I love the delicate curve of your neck”.  Women are often insecure about their bodies and looks, especially since most of them know that they do not possess the hour-glass figures widely seen as the ideal female body type in popular media. So sincere compliments from you will not only make your partner feel good about herself but also make her feel sexually desirable, a must if a woman is to enjoy making love.

Handle her gently

Admitted that you are raring to get down to the basics but don’t let that be an excuse to get rough with her. A woman’s body, especially the erogenous zones are highly sensitive to touch. So when you are caressing her breasts or stimulating her clitoris, make sure you use a light touch to begin with then as you go on, let your partner guide you through the foreplay. However there are certain regions like her buttocks and thighs which can tolerate a greater amount of pressure but still it is a good idea to be using her responses as a signal of where to be gentle and where to use a heavier touch.

Take your time

A woman’s body is like a stringed instrument which requires some time and effort to be tuned at first but which when ready, is capable of playing the sweetest music imaginable. So even if you are tempted to hurry things through, take your time to explore and appreciate the feminine form. As poets and painters have reiterated, few things in God’s creation have been made with such attention to beauty of detail and form.

Be affectionate non-sexually

Finally make sure that you love your partner even when you do not have sex on your mind. Women love to be held and caressed since such gestures are proof that their men love them as partners and do not merely see them as sexual objects. So don’t forget to kiss your girl the first thing in the morning and cuddle up to her at the end of a hectic day. And once your partner knows that she is loved and desired by you on a daily basis, she will have no problem responding to you in a sexual context.

Like men, women too vary in their sexual turn-ons and preferences. What works for one girl may not do so for another. However if you can keep the above basic tips in mind, there is no reason why you cannot get a woman in the mood for some passionate loving.