10 Signs a Woman is Attracted to You

A delectable part of the flirting game consists of keeping a guy guessing as to what a woman is actually thinking. While this makes the game all the more exciting, you could miss out on some crucial opportunities if unable to correctly decipher the message she is sending. So here are ten ways to tell when a woman is attracted to you.

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It is in her eyes

If a woman is attracted to you, nine times out of ten, she will use her eyes to let you know that. She will keep her gaze on you, hold it for a moment or two when you make eye contact and then slowly move it away. This is her way of signaling that she has picked you out from the crowd and willing to make your acquaintance. However if she doesn’t match your eye contact at all or looks away too quickly, then probably she is still unsure and you need to do something to make her more comfortable.

She flashes you a smile

Women smiling at men may not seem so special after all. They may do it to socialize at a party, while saying sorry or merely to be polite. But this is a special kind of smile – a dazzling lighting up of the face or a lazy I-know-a-secret purring – which tells you that a woman is impressed by what she sees. Later when you have moved on to open a conversation with her, an earlier smile may progress to a soft giggle or a low seductive laugh which is a sure sign that she is attracted to you and wouldn’t mind taking things further.

She plays with her hair

Well-groomed tresses are a prized part of a woman’s sexual attraction. So  if she tosses her hair while speaking to you, twirls a few strands with her fingers or run them seductively through her hair a couple of times, it is akin to a blazing neon sign which says, “Look at me”. A woman who is slightly discrete may use a more subtle variation on this hint like playing with her earring or softly stroking her earlobe which is also a way of pulling your attention to herself.

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She makes herself visible

If a woman goes out of her way to be around where you are standing or sitting, you can be fairly certain that she is trying to catch your attention. For instance at a party if she comes over to join a group near you even though she does not know them well or at a restaurant she passes your table while heading for the restrooms even though they are on the other side, it could mean an open invitation. Interestingly a woman well-versed in the art of flirting will rarely come over directly to join your group but will keep a slight distance which is your job to close if you are game. Also this signal is usually accompanied by any of the previous hints like eye contact or a smile which is a clear way of telling you that she is interested.

She talks

A woman who is open to making your acquaintance will also take the lead in starting a conversation with you. She may begin with a conventional line like “Have I seen you before” or the more usual at a private party such as “How do you know our host here?” In some cases, a woman may initiate a conversation merely to be polite so here again it is important to check whether this step is preceded or accompanied by other signs of her interest in you. If it is, then it is up to you to respond positively since remaining aloof at this stage will signal your disinterest in her.

Body Language

Once you have made a woman’s acquaintance there are other signs to let you know whether she is willing to take the flirting game to the next level. A woman sitting next to you on a bar stool may let her high heels dangle from her toes and show off the curvature of her feet. Alternately she may cross her arms to reveal her cleavage or gently stroke her throat with the back of her fingers. All these are hints that she is physically attracted to you.

Verbal hints

During a conversation with a woman, there are some definite cues which will let you know if she is interested in you. Usually she will laugh at your jokes, a pleasant tinkling laugh, even if they are not particularly hilarious or well-narrated. At such moments she is least likely to say, “Aww, I’ve heard that one before” and in fact she will probably ask you to narrate another one. Also she may ask you open-ended questions like, “What did you think of the new Batman movie?” or she may even ask your help like, “Do you know a restaurant around here that makes good ol’ Southern food?” This is a particularly interesting one with double implications since it not only invites your opinion but even allows you an opportunity to take her out. These are all ways of getting you to open up with her and take the relationship further.

She initiates body contact

If a woman is attracted to you, she is very likely to send certain signals like lightly brushing her thigh against yours, bringing her head close to you while speaking and touching your arm every now and then. All these are ways to let you know that she is comfortable having you in her personal space and maybe wouldn’t mind getting a bit more intimate.

She gets personal

Once a woman is attracted to you, she would want to get more personal in her conversation with you. She could compliment you on the perfume you are wearing, tease you about your love life or ask you to guess what her idea of a romantic evening would be. At the same time she would also be less inhibited in discussing her own personal life, preferences in men and even fantasies in bed.

“Let’s do this again sometime”

Finally, the surest sign of a woman’s interest would be an indication that she would like to meet you again. There may be several ways of hinting this – she could, for instance, ask you to show her around the city museum or help her choose a tie for her father or a male relation. Again if it is more of an intimate encounter she is hinting at, she would probably ask you to come over to her place and check out the ‘funny noise’ in her dishwasher.

A woman has thousands of ways to tell a man she is interested in him. These may however vary according to her personality as well as the venue and people she is with. Ultimately it is up to you to interpret the signals correctly and respond to her.