10 Things Every Woman Likes to Hear

There are things that you don’t say to a woman and there are things that get you brownie points when she hears them from you. And the best part about saying some nice things to a woman is that she will return the favor to you several times over. So whether you are trying to impress someone new or making sure that a long relationship continues to sizzle, here are some lines that every woman likes to hear.

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  1. How was your day?

    This simple question at the end of the day can work wonders to lift your woman’s spirits. It may have been smooth sailing for her or she may have been tearing out her hair in frustration at work but just one gesture of concern from you can make everything better. It not only shows that you are thinking about her but that you care enough to ask about her day when you may have had a harrowing time yourself. However make sure you set aside some time to listen to her stories too, since if you move on too quickly to your plans for tonight, she will realize that you were merely paying lip service.
  2. You look fabulous

    What woman does not like her partner praising her looks? And even if she knows she ain’t no Jennifer Aniston, the compliment is a sure-fire way to raise her spirits. At the same time though, it is extremely important to make it genuine for if a woman suspects that you are merely playing her along, you will come off as a complete jerk. Rather think about your partner’s positive points in advance so that she knows exactly what you are talking about; for instance you could say that the dress/scarf/pendant brings out the color of her eyes or that she looks incredibly sexy with her hair swept up. Be specific about what is attractive about her and she will believe you.
  3. What do you think of this book/movie/news?

    Asking her opinion on a serious issue or object will make her feel that her intellect and beliefs are as important to you as her physical appearance. This will assure your woman that you respect her as a person with brains and are interested in what she thinks about various matters. And everyone likes being thought of as worthy of respect.
  4. I’d love to do something that you decide

    This can be an incredibly smooth move early on in a relationship when you are getting to know a woman. Being asked to choose a dating activity or a restaurant will make her feel in control and also let her know that you are OK with her taking the decisions. Every person is bound to have his/her favorite café, dining spot or nightclub and there is no reason why she should hesitate at expressing her choice. However make sure you make the offer in an involved and participative spirit and not in a disinterested or vengeful way.
  5. You’re far prettier that your girlfriends

    You will need the right attitude to carry this off, but if it hits home you can sure of accumulating some big flattery points with your woman. There is rarely any woman who does not like to be thought of as prettier than her peers, even though she may seem much attached to her girl gang. However while praising her, be careful not to sound cheap or appear to be leering at others by way of comparison. Say it in a cool, matter-of-fact way and even if your woman appears to brush it off,  secretly she is sure to be thrilled at the compliment.
  6. Would you like me to sort this out?

    This question shows that you are ready to help your partner when she is in a spot without appearing too intrusive or aggressive about it. The situation may range from simple car trouble to annoying crank calls; and even though your woman may be completely capable of taking care of herself, an offer of help from you will not only express your concern for her but at the same time leave it up to her to make the decision of involving you.
  7. You are such a fantastic lover

    Ideally this line should be accompanied gasps of pleasure or at least a breathless tone. Hearing it from you will not only make your woman feel like a sex goddess but in fact help to discard any inhibitions she may have in the bedroom. And above all, praising her performance means that for you sex is not merely about reaching an orgasm but also caring about the effort she puts in and the sensual experience as a whole.
  8. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it

    This is especially welcome when you share a home and family with your woman. Perhaps she knows that it is her turn to do the dishes or pick up the kids from soccer practice, but when you offer to take on some of her chores, it is sure to be music to her ears. Both partners are bound to feel burdened with professional and domestic responsibilities at the end of the day, so any attempt at lightening each other’s load is always appreciated.
  9. You will make/are a great mother

    Most women look forward to having kids of their own but at the same time they also fret whether they will do a good job of it. Telling her that she has what it takes to be a great mom will satisfy her maternal anxieties. And if your partner already has kids, she may be in greater need of appreciation of the way she is bringing them up. Either way it is a boost to her selfhood to know that she is or will make a wonderful mother.
  10. I want to spend the rest of my life with you

    If your partner is waiting for you to commit yourself, no words will sound sweeter to her ears. But since this is not technically a proposal, she will not feel under any pressure even if she is not ready to settle down as yet. The line simply express the importance she has in your life and thus is something every woman longs to her hear from her man.