10 Ways to Charm a Woman

Charming a woman is an art in itself. Far removed from basic seduction and also different from light-hearted flirting, charm requires a guy to read a woman’s mind and appeal to her unique turn-ons. Though exuding charm entails a degree of sophistication and much practice, it is not impossible to acquire this skill. Here are ten ways to charm a woman you have known for some time into falling for you.

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  1. Listen to her

    Even if you already know where she works and what her favorite vacation destination is, continue to listen when she speaks. Instead of zoning out or crowing about your own achievements, actively listen, ask pertinent questions and make the requisite responses. One of the best ways you can make a woman feel special is to let her know that her words and opinions are worthy of consideration and you can do this most easily by being a listener.
  2. Converse intelligently

    At the same time, you cannot charm a woman by being entirely quiet. You need to speak to be able find out what turns her on and what puts her off. You can do this by conversing about the things she likes – these need not mean that you have to read up all about cosmetics, makeup and fall fashion trends but could explore topics like movies, music bands, interesting anecdotes from history or her hobbies. At the same time don’t forget to give evidence of your wit since few women can resist guys who can a sense of humor. However stay away from topics which women usually find boring like tech reviews, calculations of stocks and sports statistics.

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  3. Use subtle flattery

    One of most important skills in charming women is sophisticated flattery. However in order to avoid appearing crass or dishonest, you need to use subtlety to extend your compliments. You can do this by praising her choice of wine while ordering at a restaurant or by pointing out well her scarf goes with her outfit. This will not only make your flattering terms appear in good taste but actually highlight your own knowledge of the finer things of life.
  4. Pay attention

    While men are more conscious of paying attention to their partners on the first couple of dates, over time they tend to let their minds wander. They could be on a date and still fiddling with their cell phone or checking out other women at the bar. It is at this stage that women begin to feel the disconnect and think of moving on. On the other hand if you keep the focus firmly on your date by asking about her favorite dessert or asking how her office presentation went, she will be charmed by your undivided attention and look forward to see more of you.
  5. A thoughtful gift

    An expensive gift like a piece of jewelry or a silk hand-embroidered scarf, can make your girl feel like a Queen, especially at a time when no birthdays or special occasions are round the corner. However not all of them need make a dent in your pocket. You could look for something with a special significance like book signed by your date’s favorite author or a perfume with base notes that she loves. A gift like this would not necessarily empty your bank account but work equally well to charm her with your thoughtfulness.
  6. Show up your artistic side

    Skills like singing, playing a musical instrument or painting are often seen by girls as an expression of an artistic sensibility which in turn seem to imply a softer, more sensitive side in a guy. So charm your woman by singing a song for her at a karaoke bar or by gifting her with a painting you have made yourself. Even if you feel such attempts are beyond your area of expertise, how about dancing? Most women love to shake a leg with their partners on the dance floor. This makes men with dancing skills some of the hottest items on the dating scene.
  7. Take on a chore

    It is not always necessary to use mushy sentimentality to make a woman feel special. You can just as well do this by performing an arduous job or take on a domestic chore that is usually her responsibility. This could be as simple as filling up her car at the gas station or taking her dog out on a walk during an especially busy week. Your helpfulness is sure to charm her and will make her feel that you care for her in a practical, everyday sense and not merely on an occasional basis.
  8. Pamper her taste buds

    It is quite impossible to come across a woman who isn’t going to be just a bit pleasantly surprised on hearing that a man knows his way about in the kitchen. You need not start taking cooking classes or go shopping for expensive cookware in order to charm a woman. Just start with a few basic recipes and practice them till they turn out quite right. And then you can invite your partner for a home date and give her a taste, literally, of your creations. Apart from the fact that your cooking skills will impress her, you will be eating better-tasting and healthier food yourself.
  9. Wish her Mom/Dad Happy Birthday

    Or best wishes on their wedding anniversary. Showing that you remember not only her birthday but even special days related to her family is sure to floor your date. Apart from this you will come off as a guy who actually listens when a woman is talking and is cares enough to wish her parents too.
  10. Flirt but delicately

    Use subtle ways to let your woman know that you find her attractive. For this you could initiate some body contact without making her uncomfortable. This may vary from an innocuous brushing of your thighs against hers as you leave to refill your glass to a more conscious act of using your finger-tip to trace out her life-line as you play at being a palm reader. Alternatively you could bring you head close to her while speaking and lightly touch her arm every now and then. She will be charmed to find that you think her irresistible and maybe she may even respond by taking things further.