How to Be More Attractive to Women?

You don't necessarily need to have conventional good looks to attract women. There are various ways you can make yourself more attractive to women.

Take care to be well-groomed

Appearances count for a lot when it comes to making an impression on women. And one of the first places to start with this is to follow the basics of personal hygiene which in turn will go a long way in presenting a neat and well-groomed look. This not only includes taking care of your teeth, hair and nails but also ensuring that you don’t have bad breath, body odor or grimy facial hair. Personal hygiene is the very basic requirement of sexual attractiveness and if a woman notices any lack in that, you are unlikely to be able to make it up any other way.

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Pay attention to your clothes

‘Clothes maketh the man’, goes the saying. While not everyone can have or be able to afford the style sense of George Clooney, it is imperative to choose a personal style which will highlight your attractions and play down your disadvantages. And even though not every woman is a stickler for the latest runway trends but if you turn up with a purple jacket for a lunch date, be ready for a slightly raised female eyebrow. The thumb rule here is to adopt a personal style that complements your personality even while taking care of conventions related to place and time. Finally don’t forget about the basics for you may be sporting an Armani jacket but if your neck collar is grimy, you will have lost an important opportunity to appear as an attractive guy.

Use the right body language

Sometimes though a guy may be impeccably turned out and yet certain gestures and mannerisms may make him come across as unattractive and hence not worth giving a second look. Chewing nails, fidgeting with your tie and glancing all around the room except the person you are speaking to are some of the most common signs which are construed as signs of nervousness or anxiety. So the next time you are on a date or looking for one, be sure to adopt a relaxed and upright posture instead of stooping or slouching. Look at your date in the eye when she is talking and lean slightly forward to show interest and she will respond to these signs of interest with her own positive signals.

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Know how to converse

If there is one thing that is guaranteed to open up a woman’s heart to you, it is your ability to converse. You may not have enough money or killer looks but if you know how to talk and more importantly listen to her, you can easily know what she wants from men in general and you in particular. Using humor in conversation is one of the easiest ways to attract women since most of them are looking for guys who can be fun and good company. The only catch is that being a good conversationalist takes some practice but once you master this skill, you have virtually all you need to impress a woman.

Cultivate artistic skills

If you wish to attract the really classy women, you would need to give evidence or an artistic side, one which suggests that you are well-versed in as well value the finer things of life. Thus while your male friends would view your ability to strum a guitar or play the saxophone as just another skill, women could see it as an expression of an artistic sensibility lurking deep inside your masculine self. If however playing a musical instrument or painting still life seems way beyond your capabilities, the easiest thing you can do is to shake a leg on the dance floor. Most women love to be taken out to dances and this makes men with dancing skills some of the hottest items on the dating scene.

Play a sport

While you may have heard several times that you need to show women your softer, sensitive side to a woman, it is also true that they need to see evidence of a masculine side every now and then. And what better way to do this than have them watch you sweat it out on the field playing football, soccer or boxing. While you may have to depend on your golfing skills to impress your boss or strike a business deal, it is actually a high-intensity, testosterone-driven game which will make women notice your physical prowess and fit body.

Play up your strengths

While the above skills are time-tested ways of attracting women, it will take a Renaissance man to cultivate all of them at the same time. A more practical way of endearing yourself to women would be to consider what you have that others around you don’t – it could range from a rapier-sharp wit or a widely-read intellect to culinary skills or perhaps an amazing smile which lights up even the cloudiest of days. Go over all the skills you possess or the things that interest you like a talent for organizing parties or making magic on the violin and then determine how you can leverage your strengths to create an advantage for yourself on the dating scene. If you can turn out the fluffiest of pastries, take part in baking contests in your city and in TV shows which can make you a celebrity in your community. Alternatively pitch in a friend’s party with home-made cookies and then get ready to revel in the dozens of compliments - and perhaps even an attractive date - that are sure to come your way. Likewise you can use whatever pluses you have like a successful career or personal charm to give you an edge and draw women to your company.

Treat her like a lady

In these times when people are too rushed to say please and thank you, there is no substitute for good manners when it comes to attracting women. Arriving on time to pick up your date, holding the door open for her and generally following the dictum ‘ladies first’ will not only make women in your company feel  really special but also speak glowingly about your own breeding and background. In fact you could go even further and treat others with consideration when you are out on a date. When women see you being polite with the waiter at a restaurant or the usher at a movie theater, they will be attracted to your sense of values. And if anyone knows the importance of being treated with respect, it is women who have struggled for decades to gain acceptance as equals in personal and social relationships.