How to talk to girls - dating tips for teenagers

Let's face it; girls can be quite the intimidating bunch. They effortlessly incite fear into the hearts of legions of young men daily. If you find yourself afraid and uncertain when talking to those cute girls that you wish could see you as more than a blubbering awkward mess, give yourself a pat on the back for being normal and keep a few things in mind for the next time the situation arises.

First off, presentation is important. While there are some girls who don't mind a little facial hair, there are virtually no girls who specifically dislike the clean shaven look, so abide by the percentages here and don't tote mustaches or beards for now. Once you nab a smokin' girlfriend, negotiating leeway in this area probably won't be too difficult, but for early impressions cleanliness is always your best bet. Shower daily and wear enough cologne to be noticed, but not enough to be overpowering. Brush your teeth as often as reasonable and have breath mints on hand for after meals and snacks. Conservatism is your friend when it comes to clothing. The less you stick out in the crowd, the less likely you are to be unfairly judged. Nice tee shirts (without attention drawing graphics and messages) or polos along with casual baggy (but not too baggy) jeans are the way to go. Don't get caught up on the notion that you're forgoing your individuality to appeal to the female masses; just think of it as taking the spotlight off of your visual eccentricities, and on to your unique personality, which is the most important thing you have to offer. You don't have to burn your cowboy hat or your superman shirt; just give them a break for a little while as you cruise the beautiful girl landscape.

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When you find yourself in that spontaneous conversation, relax. You're not giving a presentation to a classroom full of people or standing on the free throw line with seconds left in regulation; you're just talking to a person who has chosen to chat with you. Remember how cool you are, and that there's always a thousand more girls right around the corner, and just be yourself. Make eye contact with her as she speaks, and break it after she's done. Alternatively, you can look at her nose or forehead if you feel the eye contact might have worn out its welcome. Never look away for more than a few seconds, and never look at the floor, as this is a clear sign of nervousness.

Many girls love to talk about themselves and their surroundings but aren't quite as apt to do so while speaking to a guy as they would be when talking to their girlfriends, so give them the opportunity by asking open ended questions. "What do you think of Ashley's pink highlights?" and "I heard you and Matt were kinda on the fritz huh?" are the types of questions that are likely to interest the girl and incite some long responses. The more she says, the more options you'll have when it comes to furthering the conversation, so generally getting the girl talking is a good thing. You'll also feel your nerves easing up as the girl you're communicating with begins to make it more and more clear that she's enjoying the interaction. In that same vein of thinking, it will be to your advantage to stay up to date on current events, particularly those related to celebrities and the entertainment industry. Chances are the girl you're talking to is not only aware of the latest Britney Spears misadventure, but probably has quite an opinion on it as well. Keeping in the know about political and social issues, as well as local and national sporting events, can't hurt either.

For those times when spontaneity seems not to be on your side, sparking up a conversation out of nowhere isn't as difficult as you might think. If you already know the girl you're interested in talking to at that moment, sometimes something as simple as a glance, a smile and a wave can draw her right over to you. Girls love attention and acknowledgment. This same method can be used as a no sweat lure for girls you've never met before. If it doesn't work, who cares? It's not like you got rejected; you didn't even say anything. The most consistently successful line to approach a girl with is the simple "what's goin on?" or something comparable. Cheesy pick up lines or total weirdness usually don't click as an opening with most girls, so keep the beginning simple. When a girl is with a bunch of her friends your entrance may be somewhat unwelcome and easily ended, so approaching a girl who's alone or with a small group is generally a better choice than trying to sell yourself to a crowd. If you decide to bring along a wingman to break the ice, go over some boundaries with him. Guys are usually all about helping out their friends, but if they don't know that that's what they're trying to do, then bad tension can mount. If you're specifically interested in talking to one girl, let your wingman know this. If you become specifically interested in one girl after the interaction has begun, pull your friend aside and let him know this as well. With that said, approaching girls with a friend by your side is not a bad idea, as it can take pressure off of you and take pressure off the girl or girls you're talking to.

Talking to pretty girls is one of those things that's trickier in theory than in practice. Sure there are actions you can take to give yourself an edge, but ultimately what's most important is simply to put yourself out there and don't fret the consequences, which even in the worst case scenario really aren't that bad.