How to Impress a Girl you Like - Teen Dating - Making a Good Impression

The art of dating is complex. You can never be too sure or careful about the ideas you have. You can try something outrageously funny and get away with it but fail with something that is time-tested and guaranteed to work. If you are out to impress the girl you like, here are a few tips and tricks you can keep in mind to ensure your endeavors are successful.


To spice up this time-tested formula that will get you straight into her good books, try not to use too many words. Even better, do not use them at all! If you want to see some sparks fly, use your eyes. If you are expressive, then this is perhaps the best way for you to work your magic. Look at her intently from a distance or gaze into her eyes while you are together. Hold your stare and wink. If this doesn’t give her Goosebumps, nothing else will. Try this only if you are confident about yourself, or you’ll increase your chances of getting rejected.

Turn it down

Those guys, who think about impressing a girl by meticulously listing qualities they have been bestowed with, are in for a big surprise. Don’t do it! Do everything else, but that.  If you want her to think of you highly, give her opportunities to discover it herself.  Let her notice how great you are with other people. Be kind and chivalrous to the people around you and notice the difference in her attitude. She will appreciate your qualities without you having to impose it on her.

Polish your personality

Girls are very choosy about the men they hang out with. If you have a good set of female friends and the girl you like is a part of it, try and refine yourself to make an impact on her. This is simple and does not require any special effort on your end. Polish your skills and your personality. Be polite, courteous and never abuse. A guy who minds his P’s and Q’s is always a winner with women. You don’t have to be excessively generous for her to take notice, just follow basic etiquettes and see her warm up to you instantly.


Though this is the most important of them all, men hardly ever pay attention to it! if the girl is just an acquaintance, then this is your power-tool. Take time to pick out a good outfit. Team them up with a pair of good shoes, clean socks and wear good perfume. Make sure your hair isn’t messy and you look presentable. With making appropriate changes in your appearance, you can win half the battle. A clean and presentable look will ensure the girl that you aren’t sloppy. It will also tell her that you are meticulous in whatever you do.

Your talent

The fact that you want to impress a girl lets you know that there are millions like you, who want to do the same. If you aren’t tough competition for the next in line, you stand no chance. While combining all the above methods can certainly give you an edge, what you do after that, is what matters. If you use the gifts that you’ve been bestowed with, you have higher chances of being the winner. Talent doesn’t necessarily mean a great voice or great dancing skills. It could also refer to your ability of communicating and approaching a girl. Work them well to get what you desire.

Respect her

Just like you have ideas, opinions and stories to tell, she has a life of her own and experiences to share. If you look down upon them or do not give them much importance, you are building a path that leads you where it first started. You don’t have to agree with whatever she says, but give her the space she deserves. Let there be a smooth exchange of ideas and opinions and see how she reciprocates your advances.

Be romantic

Being romantic is the simplest way to let a girl know that you have a sensitive side too. Sure, girls like men who can take care of them but they like those men better who they can be emotionally compatible with. You aren’t required to watch a sloppy movie with her or choke up to a death scene, but comfort her when she is down or talk to her when she needs you. By doing small things that make an impact and leave her reeling, you can be sure to impress her.

Get her attention

Grabbing her attention can be difficult but this should not prompt you to take drastic measures. Dropping subtle hints or catching up with her after a break are ideas that you can implement to make sure she knows you are a part of her life. You could catch up for coffee or meet up for dinner with friends as well. Hunt for your moment, then strike. Not literally! But if you have a humorous side or if you converse well, whiff her away for a few minutes and set the ball rolling. Focus on her and compliment her. Let her take it forward from there.


Flirting is a fun way to jazz things up and lighten a tense situation. You do not have to be too forward but a few sweet words here and there will suffice. She may not take you seriously at first, but when you let her know of your intentions later, she’ll think back and smile. Any girl will respond favorably to a man who adheres to all the above qualities. You may not possess all of them, but even with a few, you can work your magic. Give it a try and you’ll succeed.