How to Attract a Girl you Have a Crush on - Teen Dating Advice

The doe-eyed girl may have caught your fancy, but all you can manage to do is look at her and smile! You wonder if there is something more in store for both of you, but you can’t seem to think or act beyond that. You secretly wish your feelings would be teleported to her mind and she would reciprocate them, but you are shaken out of your swoon, only to realize that nothing will happen unless you make an effort to change things. So, to help you, here is a small note of the things you can do to attract the girl you have a crush on.

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Test the waters

Most women expect the guy to make the first move; you need to figure out the situation from a practical standpoint. If you think she is interested in you too, then that would make everything else a lot easier for you. If you are unsure but want an idea, you could observe her body language and take an educated guess based on that. Once you get a rough idea of where you stand, you can make your next move confidently.

Put yourself on the map

You exist and she knows that! But if you want more from her, then you are going to have to try harder than just putting yourself on her map. You have to be more visible and that visibility will come from being seen or heard amongst a group of friends. It is an opportunity for you to stand up to your own expectations. Try not to make a fool of yourself.

Navigate your way through her friends

An instant way to get the attention of a girl you have an interest in is to reach her via her friends. Girls usually hang out in groups, which is an advantage for you here, because you can target the one who looks warmer and more welcoming than the others, and befriend her. When you get to know her, make your intentions clear and try getting as many facts about your crush as you can. You can then use these strategically to attract attention and get her to notice you. You can befriend her friends and ignore her for a while, hoping she gets jealous sooner or later.

Talk to her about her!

If you're tongue-tied when talking to her, you don't have to be! Just talk to her about herself - her life, work, home, ambitions, dreams, desires. Ask her what she likes, doesn't like, her favourite actors/rockstars/idols..anything you can think of. As long as a girl herself is the subject of your conversation with her, she'll never get bored.

Showcase your talent

Talent is the best way to get recognized. If you think you have a hidden talent, make use of it. If you are good at singing or dancing, take part in events and let yourself be known. These skills do not require an official platform. If you are at a birthday of a mutual friend, you can sing your friend a song and get your crush to notice you then. If however, you think you can tickle a funny bone without much effort, go right ahead and make an entrance. You can either swoop in when she is in her group or approach her, while she is alone, with a limerick! If you can make a girl laugh, half the battle is won. You do need to have a sense of humour for this. Guys with the gift of the gab usually have girls eating out of their hands.

Help her out

Help never goes unnoticed. So when you see her in need, go up to her and ask her if she would like a helping hand.  She may say she doesn't, but you have to be persistent. If  she turns you down repeatedly, you can walk away.  On the other hand, if you manage to get something done for her without asking her, you can get yourself a direct entry in her good books. Not only will she appreciate your help, she will also make sure she thanks you and returns your favour. If you decipher the code here, you will see that she is making plans to meet you later, which is a good sign. If you can't help her out in some way, consider asking her for help with something after you know her. Asking for help from someone makes you appear a confident guy who's willing to accept that she's superior to you in some sphere. This can create an impact plus it may result in opportunities to spend time together, even if it is to solve math problems or study literature!

Shower compliments

Girls love being pampered, but since you aren’t in the ‘pampering’ zone yet, you can go ahead and sprinkle some compliments her way. The best way to get noticed here is to be you charming best. Dress well, smell great, talk in a deep, husky voice, lean in close and compliment her. This is a total winner and a guaranteed way to ensure that she knows you exist. When you can touch her feminine side without being too obvious about it, she will love you for it. Make sure the compliments are non-sexual in nature. Don't do over it or it will lose the impact. Compliment aspects of her personality that deserve complimenting. That way it's more convincing and works better.

Get to know her

Grabbing her attention can be very easy if you find yourself adjusting comfortably with women, in general. You can start off by being friends. Though this may be a little tricky, this option also has the highest chances of being successful. If you can connect with her emotionally and be there for her in times of need, Voila! There she will be, waiting for you to make your move and ask her out. You have to tread cautiously here, as the chances of you falling into her ‘confidante’ zone are high. Here you would have access to her darkest secrets, deepest desires and fears. But it will end at that. Knowing more about her will always get you an edge over other guys who are trying to woo her.

Tell her!

After working your way around some of the ideas mentioned, take a call and spill your feelings. You can’t wait too long nor can you let her know too soon. According to your judgement, when you feel the time is right, make your move and tell her. By doing this, everything will be clear and out in the open. You will avoid any misconceptions and give her the time to figure out what she wants to do. If you played your cards right, chances are that she will be bowled over!

Using these ideas, create an atmosphere where she is compelled to take notice. With your charm and confidence, you are sure to connect with her. Using her friends to divert her attention and spark a little jealousy will also help, but you will have to be careful not to take your joke too far. If you play by the book, you are bound to get the attention you deserve!