How to attract a guy you have a crush on

That charming smile, those intelligent eyes, a great walk. Well there comes a time in every girl's life where she falls for someone who she may not be friends with, or who is just an aquaintance, or for all you know, the two may be strangers. You can't just sit and dream about a future, can you? Or should you wait thinking that Cupid is going to do a little trick. They say dreams are achieved when the dream is not a dream anymore, but a reality.

So go make your dream your reality. Don't fear rejection. Here are some tips that may help you. Your dream is just a few steps away. Go get it!

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1. Make sure the guy knows who you are

Well, first and foremost, the guy should know you exist. Try getting into a club he is in, be pally with his mates, make a common friend introduce the two of you. Try to get to know each other. If the guy goes to the same class then maybe it would help if the girl talks about the class they both attend, like about the teacher, joke in class when they are listening, talk about another fellow classmate. The first move is hard. But once it's done, there will be a small, proud smile across your face. Make sure you give the right signals. If he isn't responding, perhaps he can't see the signs. The guy should know you are interested in him. Make him aware.

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2. Become his pal and be polite

Be friendly. Try to strike up a small conversation every day. Make sure you'll have a good time. Don't flirt too much. It might scare him off. Ask simple questions and don't be rude. Take an interest in what he says. Depending on the situation, one may or may not want to be the best of friends. Naturally one would want to spend time with this new interest. But while spending time, it's important to remember that you or the guy shouldn't put each other in the 'let's just be friends' pile. Avoid being clingy and don't nag. Guys hate girls who nag! Guys always say they like certain girls because of their 'niceness' . Lady-like qualities should not be forgotten. Always greet him with an honest smile . At the end of it, he also may find his lady love in you - and that's what you want.

3. Pay attention to how you look

Be conscious about how you look. Yet don't go overboard with the war-paint. Sometimes make-up can hide your natural beauty. Let him get a glimpse of the true you. Just try to look nice and clean. Hair should be done properly, don't make a mess of it. On a bad hair day, just tie it up. wear clothes that you feel comfortable and beautiful in. Don't show too much skin or you may come across as slutty. It gives a bad impression and may make the guy think you're only looking for a roll in the hay. Work on yourself and you can make heads turn even if you don't see yourself as stunningly beautiful.

4. Get interested in his interests

Here you take a big step. A guy always likes to talk about what he is passionate about. That could be his favorite cuisine, hobby, sport or just his favorite TV show. You don't need to be passionate about the same things. All you need to show is that you are ready to listen to what he has to say. You can catch a few glimpses on TV when his favorite football club is playing or watch a few episodes of his favorite TV show. Try to think positive and say funny things about the show and share it with him. Try not to say anything negative if you can't say anything positive about it. It could just be a small comment about the show, but it could change the way he sees you. Guys are more likely to be interested in a girl if she is ready to listen to something he loves. He is going to speak his heart out and you are going to enjoy seeing how he expresses his passion. Tada!! There it is - a wonderful time spent -for both!

5. Body Language

This is a great tool in the art of attraction. The eyes can do wonders and can reveal the hidden things you want to tell that special guy without even using a single word. One can glance at him sideways or be bold and grab attention with a direct look. But one should be careful not to stare offensively, because the other person may want to run away from you. That is surely what you don't want. Make eye contact. Don't be afraid to look straight in the eyes. Guys love it! If a guy thinks you are afraid to look him in the eye, he may assume that you're not interested in him. Raise your eyebrows a little, but try not to be sexually suggestive. Develop a smart and appealing gait. Stand tall on your feet.

6. Humor

Everyone wants a cheerful face. Don't be like a sob and depressed. A guy is looking for someone who can tickle his funny bone. Most men/women list humor as one of the top five qualities they look for in a date. Your jokes should be funny and not cheesy. Preferably on a subject he will be interested in and will laugh at. You don't want to crack a joke and be the only one laughing. If he is faking a laugh, then don't try again, maybe he doesn't find you funny or you are not on the same wavelength. Laugh at his jokes but try not to be exaggerate and seem too flirty. Show him your wit. If you have been successful in making him laugh, then you have definitely caught his attention. If you can't manage this, laughing sincerely at his jokes will win you brownie points too.

7. Self Confidence

Never put youself down in front of him. If you do you are going to make him feel that way about you forever. Don't run yourself down in front of him. Use self-depreciating humor very sparingly, if at all, and never in the initial stages. Don't be arrogant and proud, but believe in what you are and stand for it. Don't show jealousy or put another women down in front of him. If you do, he will be certain of your insecurity. Make him understand that you are not weak and have a 'whatever happens, happens for the good' attitude. When guys see there is a challenge ahead, they are likely to work more towards it, so tease him a bit.

8. Compliment

Observe the guy and pay sincere compliments. Don't talk about superficial facts, try complimenting his qualities, attitudes. Don't indulge in idle flattery just for the sake of it.

9. Knowledge

If you are competent in a certain field, let him know about it. Don't hide it. Show your skills and talents. If you are well-read, share  what you know and open a ground for discussions. Get him thinking. That way he will know there is more to you than just the exterior. If you have a good vocabulary and a way with words, use it to your advantage. Let him know you are really a good catch!

10. Make him feel special

Make the object of your affections feel special. Give him attention and get to know as much about his persona as you can. Guys love girls giving them attention. It strokes their ego and gives them a sense of pride that they are being pursued. So boost his self-esteem. At the same time give him his space. If you're always around him you won't give him a chance to miss you and he could eventually take you for granted.

11. Be yourself

Always be yourself. You may or may not have all of the above characteristics. You can try to develop them but know your limits. Guys like a girl who they don't feel they have to act differently around. Some guys like a sort of tomboyish attitude, but if that's not you then don't be it.You don't have to follow the so-called cliches and stereotypes. Just be relaxed and be youself. Always tell the guy the truth, don't lie or fake things. Don't be afraid to make your opinions known: guys love a woman who speaks her thoughts out and has her own opinions. At the same time, don't be overly judgemental or try to force your opinions or ideas on him.