10 Places to Go on Holiday in November


Tropical beaches make some of the best November holiday destinations – as do cities either in the heart of northern or southern continents before the depth of winter or peak of summer sets in. So if you are thinking of taking a vacation this November, consider the following ten holiday spots.

  1. Bali, Indonesia

    For a romantic beach holiday in November, few places can be more appropriate than Bali in Indonesia. You can take your pick from mellow beach towns like Amed, Lovina and Pemuteran which can be found right round the coast while just offshore is the laid-back idyll of Nusa Lembongan. If you are more activity-oriented, you can even go wind-surfing or deep-sea diving in the coastal waters. Apart from all these, Bali is a visually stunning place and the views of rice terraces, the lilting temple ceremonies and breathtaking dance performances make for unforgettable experiences. Here you can find places with varied attractions like the passionate whirl of Kuta , the luxury of Seminayak, artistic swirl of Ubud as well as the misty treks amid volcanoes.
  2. Tasmania, Australia

    While the rest of Australia can get uncomfortably hot in November, Tasmania continues to attract visitors for its mild climate, miles of pristine beaches, rich wildlife and several adventure activities. In fact a warm and sunny climate with good soil also means that Tasmania has a thriving wine tourism sector which offers visits to vineyards and distilleries, wine-tasting events and sampling the best of the local produce. The island’s most popular wine routes cover the Tamar valley, north of Launceston and on either side of the Tamar River, the Coal River, Derwent as well as Huon valleys which make up the Southern Wine Route as well as the upcoming wine-growing regions of the East Coast and North West. Among its most famous wines are pinot noir, chardonnay, Riesling, sauvignon blanc, pinot gris, cabernet sauvignon and various other sparkling wines. A majority of the vineyards are small and many offer wine-tasting at their cellar door. Most of the wineries have lovely restaurants with breathtaking views of the vineyards and the surrounding locales. If you are here in November, don’t miss the Royal Hobart international Wine Show which showcases the best of Tasmania’s wines.

  3. Amsterdam, Holland

    Amsterdam is one of those perennially favorite destinations which offer a great holiday experience at almost any time of the year including November. A visitor to Amsterdam can start with the Dam Square in the heart of the city which is one of its oldest areas. While it started out as a central market for Amsterdam’s inhabitants, today it is the center of some of the city’s most famous landmarks. These include like the Royal Palace where Queen Beatrix still receives guests, National Monument which commemorates the victims of Second World War, a 15-century church known as the Nieuwe Kirk, the Beuers Van Berlage and the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky.  Among other interesting places to visit in Amsterdam are the Artis Zoo, the Butterfly Pavilion, the Hortus Botanicus and Flower Auction for those inclined towards natural history. Still others can partake of the Heinken experience, take a guided tour through Carre Theatre, the Amsterdam Dungeon or visit the city’s many historical and modern monuments.
  4. Baku, Azerbaijan

    If you are looking for an out-of-the-way holiday destination, how about taking in the unique splendors of Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. The history of the city goes as far back as 2nd millennium B.C from when the first settlements have been dated. However its most significant architectural structure is the Baku Fortress which is now called the Icheri Shehar. Until the 19th century the city was contained within the walls of the fortress. A marvel of Medieval architecture, the Fortress includes around 200 monuments all of which showcase the best of Azerbaijan’s artistic and cultural heritage. Among the monuments inside the Fortress, the most important is perhaps the Maiden Tower which stands as a symbol of Baku. Other sites of historical interest are Palace of the Shirvanshahs along with the Diwankhane building, the Palace mosque, the Eastern Gates and the Caravanserai.
  5. Turkish Riviera

    For those who wish to catch in the last of Mediterranean’s balmy weather but want to opt out of the crowded beaches of Spain and Italy, the Turkish Riviera is a good choice. Located along the Aegean and Mediterranean shores to the southwest of Turkey is a string of beaches encompassing Antalya, Mugla as well as parts of provinces of Aydin, southern Ismir and western Mersir. This stretch of the Turkish coastline is commonly known as the Turkish Riviera because of its popularity with tourists, both local and international. Visitors can not only chill out on the beaches but also explore the numerous islets, winding creeks, coves and the lush forests that line the Turkish Riviera. One of the most sought-after trips among tourists is the Blue Cruise which takes tourists on a week-long voyage of pleasure and discovery along the Turkish Riviera.
  6. Seychelles Islands

    If you do not wish to let go of the sun and sand of tropical beaches, the Seychelles islands in the India Ocean could be a great choice for a November holiday. The Republic of Seychelles is composed of 115 islands which are broadly divided into the Inner and Outer Islands. While the Inner islands form the economic and cultural hub of the nation, the Outer Islands are popular with tourists for their low-lying coral atolls and reef islands. Here while the Aldabra Atoll is the largest raised coral atoll in the world, the Alphonse Island is also bordered by a spectacular coral reef which houses a variety of rare marine flora and fauna.  Moreover the Alphonse Island is an important nesting ground for tortoises and several species of sea birds. For lovers of aquatic sports, Alphonse Island offers options for diving, deep-sea sailing and fly-fishing. It is one of the very few Outer Islands that has luxury accommodations as well as executive suites for visitors.
  7. Vancouver Island, Canada

    For those who don’t mind a bit of snow, Canada is a great place to visit for its cultural diversity. If you are especially interested in the life and ways of the First Nation people, Vancouver Island in the province of British Columbia offers a great itinerary. The resorts here offer cultural presentations, adventure experiences and interpretative centers where visitors can learn of the ancient histories of the First Nation people and view the creations of world class traditional artists. Visitors can also take canoe rides under the experienced eye of their First Nation guide or explore sites which house structures of ancient beliefs like totem poles. Some of the First Nation resorts in British Columbia where visitors can experience traditional cultures belong to the Coast Salish, Nuu-chah-nulth and kwakwakawa’akw peoples. For more information you can contact the guide, regional office of website of Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC. Visitors keen on exploring First Nation villages can plan a stay at Victoria, the capital of British Columbia.
  8. Manila, Philippines

    November is an ideal time to visit this South-east Asian country when the weather is cool and fresh. History buffs are particularly likely to be attracted to the varied culture and history of the city since it has been shaped by Spanish, Latin American and American influences at different points in the past. One of the most visited spots in Philippines is Intramuros or the walled city of Manila. The Intramuros was built by the Spanish rulers in the sixteenth century. In the early days the outer walls of Intramuros served as the defining limits of the capital city. Today tourists visit the Intramuros to see the old Fort Santiago, some churches and buildings which had been built during the Spanish colonial period and thus retain many influences of Spanish architecture. Some of the other highlights of this structure are the bulwarks and gates on the walls, typical of medieval fortifications. However the old moats which used to surround the high walls of Intramuros in the past have now been transformed into a modern golf course.
  9. Bremen, Germany

    If you are still hankering for more of Oktoberfest celebrations, how about visiting the oldest wine cellar in Germany, located at Bremen? Bremen is an old German city that once belonged to the Hanseatic guild of powerful trading classes. Situated in the heart of Bremen is the Market Square known as Marktplatz. Here stands the impressive building of the Town Hall with its opulent façade. The structure is a remarkable combination of two major European architectural influences. While the building itself was built in the Gothic style between 1405 and 1410, the façade is a striking example of Renaissance style, having being constructed almost a couple of centuries later. Today the Town Hall houses a specialty restaurant known as the Ratskeller in Bremen which has been built on the lines a traditional tavern with original decor. This is in fact the oldest wine cellar in Germany and boasts of twelve of the oldest wine barrels in the country.
  10. Xi’an, China

    Xi’an became famous the world over when in 1974 a massive treasure trove of ancient statues were discovered at the northern foot of Mount Lishan, around thirty-five kilometers from the ancient city. Now known as the Terracotta Army, the figures form part of the collection of the Terracotta Army Museum which is located 1.5 kilometer east of the Tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang. Emperor Qin is regarded as the first Emperor of the country and it was he who ordered the creation of this model army. The Terracotta Army is remarkable for the fact that each figure is unique in facial expressions, clothing, hairstyle as well as gestures. The figures include various ranks of horsemen, archers, longbow bearers and generals each of whom have been placed according to the ancient rules of the Art of War.