10 Careers for People Who Love to Travel


A love of seeing new places and embarking on new journeys often lies at the heart of major life decisions for many people. Such individuals love traveling more than anything else. If you are one of them, what better way to make good your passion that by opting for careers which will actually pay you to visit new places. Here are then ten careers for people who love to travel and be on the move.

  1. Tour operator

    The first job that comes to mind for travel lovers is that of a tour operator. Those in the tourism industry are some of the luckiest in the world – they get to visit some of the most beautiful places on the planet, talk about them, sample local delicacies and cultures and get paid for all this too. Best of all being a tour guide or tour operator will not only ensure that you know the local people well, but help others to indulge their love of travel too.
  2. Flight crew

    If there is one career where you are perpetually on the move it is that of the flight crew. They are not only always zipping from one location in the world to another but get to visit foreign places, and avail big discounts or are even granted free flights for personal travels. Best of all, this avenue offers you a range of jobs with varying pay-scale and prestige – at the top of the scale is of course the job of a pilot which has long been associated with glamour and big bucks but which is difficult to qualify for. On the other hand if you cannot afford a flight learner’s fees, head for one that is known to attract some of the most charming people in the world – the flight attendant’s.
  3. Journalist

    As a journalist you could work either for the electronic or print news media but at the end of the day you are reporting on breaking news from far and wide. However your travels may be limited if you are restricted t the economy or finance section. So try and find openings in segments like lifestyle, leisure, food and of course travel. You will not only be hopping from one fantastic location to another but rubbing shoulders with the lifestyle icons and newsmakers too.

  4. Archeologist

    If you wish to combine your love of travel with a passion for history, archeology should be your career of choice. Archaeologists travel often to remote areas and historical sites in countries such as Italy, Egypt, China and other ancient cradles of civilization. They work to recover, identify and preserve artifacts dug up or discovered from past human cultures or protect historical excavation sites.. If so much of field work does not catchy your fancy, you can look for openings which involve cataloguing and preserving relics for museums, or working at restoration of some of the most famous artistic structures of the world.
  5. International aid worker

    If on the other hand you are moved more by the plight of living people than ancient structures, then a career in international aid services may be just the thing to give you the edge to your passion for travel. International aid workers spread goodwill abroad, working for organizations such as the Red Cross, Peace Corps or Doctors Without Borders to help advance education, improve health, and perk up the economic outlook of citizens in less developed parts of the world.
  6. Travel nurse

    Yet another job where you can combine a desire to heal with a love of travel is that of the travel nurse. These days good nurses are in high demand and short supply which is why travel nurses are often called on to fill the shortage. Instead of dealing with the same responsibilities and working with the same people every day as a regular nurse does, a travel nurse temporarily fills open positions wherever they're needed. Thus with the right training and resume, you could travel around the country going from one hospital gig to another and caring for people in many different cities. Who knows it might be a jellyfish sting in Hawaii one day and a broken leg in Aspen the next that calls for your attention. As a travel nurse, you'll work for a company that will provide you with accommodations often furnished too, a travel stipend to help you get from one hospital to another and a very competitive salary that is usually higher than what permanent nurses earn.
  7. Field service engineer

    Another technical career where you can indulge your passion for new journey is that of the field service engineer. These engineers are dispatched to areas where the client needs help regarding the installation, repair, or maintenance of a product or equipment. Thus the location could be in the heart of a desert in Utah or deep within the snow covered mountains of Alaska. Old rigs in the midst of oceans or pipelines passing through multiple countries are other possible work scenarios for field service engineers. If you are looking to be a such an engineer who gets to travel a lot, it is best to seek employment in a company with clients from all over the world, so you’re also granted the opportunity to travel to a lot of different places worldwide.
  8. Civil servant

    Though the job or a civil servant may appear too staid and dull to fit in with romantic images of travel, the fact is almost every big country in the world maintains an army of bureaucrats who represent the nation’s interest in different parts of the world. Likewise the US government too offers a lot of opportunities for people who want to work promoting American interests abroad. There are numerous embassies scattered across the globe and many other offices where civil service personnel are needed to perform various jobs in a range of different fields. So no matter what your skill set, you can most probably find a civil service position to suit you.
  9. Athletic recruiter

    If however you are looking for a career that combines your love of sports with a desire for travel, one option you can check out is athletic recruiter. These are basically professional scouts who travel from place to place searching for the best young athletes who have huge potentials in the field of sports and then recruit them to join the team they represent, whether for college or professional sports teams. As an athletic recruiter you will sit through high school and college games all across the country, and sometimes even abroad in order to spot talented athletes they can recruit into their teams. The best seats in the stadium and the glamour of high-profile sports are of course perks that make the job even more attractive.
  10. English teacher

    The humble English teacher gets to make it to the list on the sheer size of the world population among whom English is the language of business transactions, academic discourse and specialized knowledge. Because of its practical use in the global commercial and professional context, English is sought to be learned by many people whose natural tongue is a different language. This has created a need for ESL (English as second language) teachers who conduct classes in other countries and teach the language to people of different cultures and places. As an ESL teacher, you are not only accorded respect but get to interact with various cultures while being accommodated for free while you’re working abroad.