USA Dating Websites

All these websites have a large numbers of members in USA. They include websites for casual dating, wealthy dating, matchmaking, christian dating or dating for other ethnic communities and niches. – View Singles in Your Area and Chat Now

Yahoo date and personals review

Yahoo! Personals is a date and matchmaking site offered by one of the biggest and most trusted online brands, Yahoo! offers a free initial membership.

You can sign up for free, create your profile and browse photo profiles of other singles who've signed up with Yahoo and date them. While Yahoo's date and personals services are a relatively recent addition to its offerings, they have quickly become one of the largest. At last count, Yahoo! had over 8 million singles from across the world.

eHarmony dating review

On eHarmony, you can communicate only with those who eHarmony has determined to be compatible with you and they need to be paid members. While this may seem somewhat limiting, it ensures that the people you're communcating with, take your profile more seriously because of various reasons.

American Singles dating review

American Singles has millions of members from the United States and Canada. At last count, it had over 7 million members. This is better than any other dating site claiming even 20 million members, because American Singles is limited to those from the United States and Canada.

Yahoo Personals review by users

Below are reviews of Yahoo Personals submitted by actual users of Yahoo personals. If you would like to submit a review of Yahoo personals or any other dating services, please do so. We would be glad to include it here for the benefit of the community. dating review is a dating website which brings together millionaire men, earning over $100,000 and women wanting to marry these rich men.

UPDATE: Based on feedback we have received Millionaire Match is a much better wealthy dating website.  They have a large member base from USA, Canada and Europe. Initial sign up is free. dating review is a website run by the same people who run Signing up with them is free. Their sign up process is really interesting. You'll be asked to answer several questions. You'll probably have fun just signing up for because some of their questions will intrigue you as you put them to yourself. Apart from regular questions like whether you have siblings and how you spend yor Saturdays there are some really unusual ones like one where you're shown pictures of four people and asked to choose which one you think has a phony smile. review

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The Ashley Madison Agency review

The Ashley Madison Agency is one of the very few sites which brings together people who want to two-time their partners. They've got a lot of flak for playing cupid. You'll find people running them down, holding them responsible for breaking marriages. Many purists and conservative people believe marriage is a sacred institution and this is sacrilege. How can an agency help someone cheat on their spouse. Well, cheating is really nothing new. Since time began men and women have been looking outside their marriage for fulfiling their needs.

Lunch Date London review

Lunch Date London specialises in getting you in touch with other working londoners who work near you and who're looking for dating partners. You can search for people specifying the tube station you want them to be close to and meet them over a sandwich or lunch! Choose any station and they'll give you a list of single girls and guys who work close to there and who're seeking dating partners in london. We found over a thousand girls in Oxford Circus alone! That should give you some idea of their membership base. review features promotional offers from time to time Signing up initially is aways free and they offer a seven day premium membership trial. When you sign up, you have to specify if you're male or female and if you're transgendered. The sign up form on is very short and intutive. You can then optionally fill out more details and add your picture. discount coupon
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Singlesnet dating review

Singlesnet is one of the largest dating web sites online. Sheer numbers work in their favor. They have over 14 million members because of the number of features they offer their free trial members. At any point of time, they have over 15,000 people online. The bulk of the members on are from the United States and Canada. This means that if you're from USA, there are lots of people from your area, probably. If you're from outside USA or Europe, Singlesnet may sometimes detect your IP address and prevent you from signing up.

JDate review, coupon and discount codes

JDate is one of the largest Jewish dating web sites online. They have over 500,000 in their dating network. When we last checked they had over 20,000 members online and this was at 10 am (PST) in the morning. JDate adds over 500,000 members to their site each month. it takes just a couple of minutes to fill out their quick membership form. There's lots more information you can add optionally if you want to.

Millionaire Match review

When you sign up initially with you're asked to select your user id, enter your email address, country, state, zip etc. You have to choose your income level. You can choose not to mention your income as long as you're a millionaire. You need to specify your gender and mention the gender you're looking for.

Catholic Mingle review

Catholic Mingle is a dating site which plays cupid between catholic men and women looking for relationships. Faith or religious affiliation plays an important role in our life and relationships and Catholic Mingle meets an important need.

Most people on Catholic Mingle are looking for romance, love, friendship or meaningful relationships or even for possible marriage partners. This is not a site for short term flings or one-night-stands. Catholic Mingle has been around since 2001.

Black Singles review is a very well trafficked black dating web site. It's meant for African American singles who want to get in touch with other African American Singles. You can use their instant messaging and chat system to interact with others who have similar faith, beliefs and culture. has a friendly messageboard which has many of its members posting messages and interacting. Signing up with them and posting messages on their message board is a good way to get started.

BBW Personals Plus review

There's something about big beautiful women that makes them attractive to millions of people. A chubby freshy faced, beautiful girl sets herself apart from all the seemingly anorexic monotonous sea of hour-glass figured women.

Christian Couple Makers review

Christian Couple Makers is a relatively new Christian dating website that brings together Christian men and women looking for dating partners and relationships. Their homepage has a brief introductory video by their charming founder, Cindy Reed who calls it 'The home of heavenly introductions. All profiles on Christian Couple Makers are indivually screened and all information verified according to the introduction. You'll receive a call from their 'introduction specialists'.

Perfect Match review

Perfect Match is one of the fastest growing relationship web sites in the United States. It has been featured in the the Dr Phil Show and was also promoted in the movie 'Must Love Dogs' which starred starring Diane Lane and John Cusack. Perfect Match also figured in Paramount's "Failure to Launch" which had Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker as also in "Superman Returns", which had Brandon Routh playing Superman. review - Canada dating website is one of Canada's dating web sites that has been around for a long time and has over 300,000 members. has single Canadian men and women of all age groups, professions and backgrounds, looking for prospective dating parners. has heterosexual, gay and lesbian members. Even during non peak hours they seem to have over 5000 members online, browsing through profiles and getting in touch with other members. While the emphasis of is on Canadian members, they do have a sizeable number of members from other countries too.

Lavalife review

Lavalife is a very huge dating site with a strong focus on singles from USA and Canada. They have over 15 million members with them. One of the useful features on Lavalife is that free trial members can reply to any message they receive. They cannot however initiate messages, this is a feature available only to paid members. This is how most dating sites work. You can chat with singles who're online either one-to-one or in a group.

Catch a Cheating Spouse by Sarah Paul book review

'How to Catch a Cheating Spouse' is a book by Sarah Paul. The book is for people who're dealing with cheating partners. It provides an insight into the behaviour pattern of those who're two-timing their partners It also lists ways and means to catch a cheating partner red-handed with conclusive evidence and proof to establish their philandering.

Loopylove dating review and coupons

Loopylove is a UK dating website which focusses exclusively on UK. Recently they launched a major promotion campaign and this seems to have increased their membership base substantially. You can sign up with Loopylove for free.

Positive Singles Review - Dating for STD Singles is an online dating site that brings together eligible singles who're coping with sexually transmitted diseases including Herpes, HPV, HIV/AIDS and other diseases. They have members from all over the world including USA, Europe, Australia, Asia who have signed up here.

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Zoosk Dating Review

Zoosk is a dating site which launched in 2007 and has since sky-rocketed in popularity, now toting a monstrous membership of over 50 million people spread across the world. Recently Zoosk has been getting more hype than ever with television commercials, a close knit link to the ever popular Facebook, and numerous testimonials from those who have found love through its services. So what's all the buzz about? Here's a look at the good and the bad of Zoosk. Dating Review and Discount Coupon Codes

Dating has taken a whole new dimension with the plethora of dating and matchmaking sites on the internet. Reasons for their popularity include an unprecedented opportunity to come across a wide range of potential dates as well ease of communicating through chat, video and similar tools. is one such dating website which offers its clients the very best of online dating options.