Valentine's day dating ideas

The buzz around V-Day is huge. And rightfully so! With every couple confessing their love for each other, there is time and space for nothing else. Love is all around you and it warrants special attention for your loved one. There are many things you could do to make this day wonderful for your loved one, but starting off with a heartfelt text message would make sure you are on the right track. Of course, following up with a rare treat will make it unforgettable but letting them know that you love them, first thing in the morning, will make it extremely special.

While Valentine’s Day remains one of the most popular romantic holidays in the calendar, there are growing concerns that, like Christmas, this too has been appropriated by the giant of consumerism to serve merely commercial interests. One of the best ways of bucking the trend is to explore home-made Valentine’s Day ideas which would not only save you from going broke but in fact nurture the intimate bond between you and your partner; so whether you are cash-strapped this year or simply want to spend more time with your guy, here are some home-made Valentine’s Day ideas for him.

In recent times the crass commercialization of Valentine’s Day is enough to make a sane man or woman shudder at popular expectations of what lovers should do and especially buy, to express their affection for each other. This further puts off a partner who is by nature on the practical side and has no time for mushy sentimentality.

Among the many challenges faced by a long distance relationship, few are so poignant as special occasions that couples miss spending with each other. While birthdays and anniversaries do not have people all around clamoring about love, the very public nature of Valentine’s Day celebrations can be harder to ignore. And yet if your sweetheart is far away, there is no reason why you cannot plan something special too. Here are some Ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day that will keep your long distance relationship healthy and ticking.

Write a traditional love letter

There is little doubt that Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular romantic holidays in the year. And yet conventional ways of celebrating the day may push up costs way beyond the reach of many couples. Also the hordes of people out in restaurants, gardens and movie halls may leave little scope for delicious intimacy on this most romantic of occasions. So here are a few ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home which are both affordable and romantic.

Have a picnic

With Valentine’s Day just round the corner, you are probably wondering what to do different with your partner this year. How about giving Scrabble the miss this year and spending the day playing some sweet and sexy games with your beloved? You will not only have found something special to do on Valentine’s Day but also manage to impress your partner with your romantic skills. So here are some sexy Valentine’s Day games to stir things up on a cold February evening.

Its apple-icious

While the tradition of Valentine’s Day may have begun as a way of men and women expressing their love for each other, today it is as good an opportunity of celebrating same-sex love. So if you are wondering how to spend this day with your partner, here are some great Valentine Day ideas for gays.

Head for the outdoors

Popular tradition has it that Saint Valentine in the early medieval times helped couples in love to get married secretly against Roman emperor Claudius’s orders which is why the day observed in his honor came to be associated with love and its expression. This rebellious beginning  makes Valentine’s Day a perfect occasion today to celebrate same-sex love and here are a few Valentine’s Day ideas which can be both fun and romantic for lesbian couples.

While economic experts from all sides of the spectrum, wrangle over forecasts and predictions, you know that the recession is not yet gone. With the mortgage still to be paid and those credit card yet bills to be cleared, you may be wondering how to scrape enough money for Valentine’s Day. Here are a few inexpensive but creative ways to celebrate this day of love with your significant other.

Say it with flowers

Choosing or making the perfect Valentine’s Day for the special guy in your life can be quite a trial since men and emotions don’t mix very well. The secret to this is making your man a gift which is unique to his sensibilities and lifestyle. This simply means that the best person to find such a gift is – you. Here are however a few guidelines on how to look for romantic gifts for your guy which will make him treasure the special relationship you share.

Love poetry


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