Valentine's day dating ideas

Pizza Hut offers 'V-Day chat-up lines' to customers in UK

London, February 14 (ANI): Pizza Hut UK has decided to give its customers heart-shaped pizzas along with specially designed napkins featuring five of the most popular chat-up lines.

Japanese women enjoy Valentine’s Day without men

Washington, Feb 15 (ANI): The tradition for Valentine's Day in Japan has long been about women giving chocolate to men.

Men are showered with boxes of chocolate from not only their wives and girlfriends, but their female co-workers, friends and daughters, making it more of a "men appreciation day."

Wine and dine this Valentine’s Day to win your lady love’s heart

Melbourne, Feb 14 (ANI): For the organised seducer, Valentine's Day celebration is a classic dinner for two in a romantic restaurant.

How to celebrate Valentine's Day Obama-style

Washington, Feb. 14 (ANI): If you are wondering where to take your sweetheart on Valentine's Day, try one of these Washington spots where the US President Barack Obama took his wife Michelle to.

Top 5 best and worst ways to profess your love on Valentine’s Day

Washington - Some say it with flowers, others prepare a deep, thought out speech before reaching for a big kiss on Valentine’s Day.

Young singles shunning loved up dates for Anti-Valentine's events tomorrow

Melbourne, February 13 : A soaring number of young singles in Melbourne are choosing to ditch the traditional February 14 date night in favour of Anti-Valentine's events.

42 percent British snub Valentine's Day

London, February 12 (ANI): Nearly half of Britain sulk it out on Valentine's Day as they consider it as the biggest turn-off of the year.

Lovestruck couples leaving 'love locks' around the world ahead of Valentine's Day

London, February 12 (ANI): Some like to say it with chocolates, while others buy flowers, but now a growing number of couples are expressing their love for each other with 'love locks'.

Tips to turn your bedroom into sexy haven on Valentine’s Day

Washington, February 7 (ANI): As Valentine’s Day comes closer, a sex expert has offered sexy ideas and tips to turn your bedroom into a space for red hot romance.

Valentine's Day Internet Dating Websites

Valentine's Day is here and if you're single we recommend you go here to choose from three dating websites that we have shortlisted as our pick for Valentine's Day dating!

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