How to Surprise your Wife with Flowers on Valentine's Day

While women love to get flowers any time of the year, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to present your wife with a bunch of her favorite blooms. Flowers are one of the most romantic ways to express your love and who deserves it more than your wife – your lover, your partner in life and the best mom to your kids. So make an extra effort this Valentine’s Day and surprise her with a gift of flowers she’ll never forget.

Look for her favorite flowers

See if you can remember your wife ever mentioning her favorite flowers. Don’t even think of sounding her out or she will cue into your plans at once. Act as if there is nothing is special about the day but on your way to work, picks up a bunch of her beloved blooms from the florist. On the other hand, if you cannot think of any special flower, ask a family member or a close friend for some useful pointers but remember to be discreet. On Valentine’s Day, your wife will not only be thrilled to receive a romantic bouquet from you but deeply touched that you took the trouble of remembering or finding out what she loves most.

Go for the unusual

If you have been sending the same flowers to your wife for several occasions now, try to do something different this year. In fact research shows that when women choose flowers for themselves, they usually go for exotic blooms. So go ahead and use your imagination or explore unusual blooms at the florist’s shop. If your wife likes fragrant flowers, check out lilacs, freesias, gardenias or lily-of-the-valley. On the other hand, if she is fond of brightly colored blooms, how about orchids, gerbera daisies and hibiscus. Or perhaps your wife would like something which lasts for a longer while, in which case you could go for tropical flowers like ginger, anthuriums or bird-of-paradise.

Have fun with tradition

Red roses are the most common flowers to figure on a Valentine’s Day bouquet because of their association with true love. However if your look into the practice of giving flowers from the previous centuries, you can find many other flowers appropriate for Valentine’s Day and each with a different meaning. For instance, red chrysanthemums, forget-me-nots and myrtle also signify love while monkshood and yellow daffodils stand for chivalry. Again fennel is for someone who is praiseworthy while clematis is a complement to the lady’s intellect. So look for a flower with a meaning that can apply to your relationship and your wife is sure to be surprised by your thoughtfulness.

Keep in mind the colors

While you may not bother too much with the symbolism of colors associated with flowers, your wife is most likely to pore long and deep into the meaning of the flowers in your bouquet. So put in some thought on the color of the flowers you are sending to your wife. Traditionally red stands for romantic love and thus the popularity of red roses on Valentine’s Day. But there are other colors too from which you can choose to put together a bouquet. Pink flowers signify tender affection while orange blooms are a reminder of passionate desire. White flowers are the traditional symbols of pure love and yellow is appropriate for friendship. Keep in mind the symbolic association of different-colored flowers and your wife will cherish the romantic thought behind it.

Relate it your shared past

One advantage of giving flowers to a spouse as compared to a date is that you have a shared past to add a nuance to your bouquet. For instance, go back to your first date and try to think of the color of the dress your wife was wearing. If it was mauve, why not make a gift of lavender flowers and buds to your wife this Valentine’s Day. Again if there was a bunch of red tulips by your bed the first time you made love, bring back memories of those passionate times with a similar bunch this Valentine’s Day. Only remember to allude to the connection and your wife is sure to be surprised by your romantic gesture.

Add a personal touch

Placing an order of flowers at an online shop or an 800 number from the comfort of your own home or office is definitely a more convenient and time-saving option. However if you can take some time out and visit a local florist, you will be able to add that personal touch which is sure to be noted and appreciated by your wife. You will not only be able to pick up flowers that are fresh and of good quality but a romantic hand-written note or a love quote from you accompanying the flowers is sure to add volumes of meaning to your Valentine’s Day bouquet.

Decide how to give the flowers

Instead of handing the bouquet to your wife personally, have them sent to her at her workplace or home this Valentine’s Day. She will not only be surprised to receive a lovely bunch of flowers at work but will be secretly thrilled at the oohs and aahs from co-workers and jealous glances from other women at the office.  Alternately you could also have the blooms delivered at your home where they can be put in the vase straightaway or be admired by family members and neighbors.

Think out of the box

Flowers and chocolates remain the most popular gift for women on Valentine’s Day. But if you want to surprise your wife, try going creative. Instead of blooms which wither away after a few days, why not gift your wife jewelry like a brooch or bracelet worked in the design of lilies. Again, you could sweep your wife off her feet with a perfume composed of delicate floral notes. On the other hand, if your wife thinks that nothing compares to the feel of fresh flowers, instead of roses and carnations this Valentine’s Day, go for delicate begonias, elegant gladioli or, if your pocket permits it, exotic orchids.

Flowers are not only timeless symbols of love but also a feast for the senses. The spread of luscious colors, fragrances and textures are a perfect way to anticipate an intimate evening with your wife which is after all the whole point of having a day devoted to Love.