Valentine's Day Budget Dating - Date Without Spending Much Money

Even though economic experts may tell you that the recession is on its way out, you know that the aftershocks can still be felt. With the mortgage still to be paid and those credit card bills yet to be cleared, you may be wondering how to scrape enough money for Valentine’s Day. Here are a few inexpensive but creative ways to celebrate this day of love with your significant other.

Take advantage of the outdoors

If you are lucky enough to have good weather on Valentine’s Day, there is no dearth of things you can do with your loved one. Pack some sandwiches and head for the outdoors. You could go hiking in the invigorating mountains or build a bonfire on the beach and admire the sunset. If your town happens to be near a water-body like a lake or river, you could go boating for the day. You could also go snow tubing or tobogganing to take advantage of the last snow of the season and if both of you are game, try your hand at making a snowman. Even taking a walk in the botanical park or town gardens can be a wonderful way to spend the day since nothing is so conducive to a romantic mood as the beauties of nature around you.

Look up what’s going on

Most of the time, there is a carnival, a fair or fete going on in a town or a city. Look up your local newspaper or the bulletins at your community center. These local events make excellent ways to have a good time on a budget. Generally there are no or very nominal entry fees. At the fair or fete, you can sample a variety of eats at the food stalls, try your luck at the games, get goofy before the magic mirrors, jive with the music bands and overall have a rollicking time with your sweetheart.

Indulge a common interest

Plan your Valentine’s Day around a shared interest which was perhaps what drew you to each other in the first place. If you both had met at an art workshop, explore the paintings in your town art gallery or if you both have a nose for ancient artifacts, why not check out the museum? Spend the day at a flower show, book exhibition or a pet show if that is where your interests lie. A planetarium is a good idea for all those who love the idea of snuggling up to a loved one beneath the stars on a quiet night. This is one place where you will get to do all that minus the chilly breeze, snow flurries and the runny noses. The whole idea is to do something interesting together which will have the added advantage of helping you avoid a rainy and chilly afternoon out in the open.

Rent a DVD

Yet another way of beating bad weather is to rent a couple of movies and have a cozy time indoors. A cup of steaming coffee and a slice of that sinful chocolate cake are all it takes to complete the mood. However make sure that the titles will go down well with your partner too. While romantic movies seem the perfect choice for a rainy afternoon on Valentine Day, check with your partner before going overboard on the mush quotient. You don’t want to end up watching the movie on your own while your dear one snores away to dreamland.

Get set to rock and roll

Getting tickets to indoor music concerts can be expensive. Even though there are quite a few outdoor concerts going on around this time of the year, braving the cold can be a tough proposition. Why not have your own music party then? Get a few karaoke CDs and belt out those rocking numbers or woo your beloved with some soul-stirring tunes. It may be entertaining or it may be embarrassing but one thing a karaoke evening will never be is boring!

Have an indoor picnic

This is one of the best ways to spend a romantic evening and you can make it as inexpensive as you want. Set a place in front of window with a nice view or before a fireplace if you have one. Make it as attractive as you can by laying a checkered cloth, loading a picnic hamper with goodies like cheese, French croissant and some tasty fried chicken. Bring out the best wine you have and a couple of long-stemmed wine glasses to raise a toast to your love this Valentine’s Day.

Take dance lessons

If you and your partner would like to do something new and interesting on Valentine’s Day, how about booking yourselves for dance classes? You could choose from sensual forms like the salsa and tango or more formal but graceful ones like ballroom. Check out the dance studios in your town which may even have a Valentine’s Day discount package for some lucky couples. Few things would be as fun and romantic as learning a dance together.

Cook up a storm

Have a very special Valentine’s Day by rustling up a gourmet meal in each other’s company. Cooking together in fact can be a very sensual experience since you get to play with tastes, aromas, colors and textures. You need not spend a packet on exotic foods like oysters and truffles. Simply tossing together a salad with lots of fresh greens and luscious berries will get your amorous juices flowing. At the same time grill a fillet of fish or a chicken breast as the main course and keep a slice of dark chocolate to round off a meal rich in aphrodisiac flavors. Don’t forget to set the table with scented candles and the best dinnerware you have. And finally put on some soft, romantic music to complete the spread of sensual delights.
Keeping a Valentine’s Day date simple can be a great way of reconnecting with the basics of your relationship. Once you take away the frills, you realize that it is all about loving each other which is also how the day should be spent.