10 Fun Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly one of the most popular romantic holidays of the year. While for most lovers, it is a time to get all mushy and sentimental, you can also spend the day having fun and enjoying like when you were young. After all every relationship needs a healthy dose of fun now and then and what better occasion to freak out than on Valentine’s Day. So here are ten great fun Valentine’s Day ideas to get you started.

  1. Have a picnic

    If you are lucky to have nice weather at this time of the year, a picnic in the neighborhood park would be an enjoyable way to spend  Valentines’ Day with your boy/girlfriend. Put together a picnic basket with a few sandwiches, a carton of juice, muffins or any other dessert that is lying in your kitchen. You can even bring along an i-pod and a couple of speakers for some nice background music only ensure that you are not breaking any laws since some parks do not allow amplified music. After you have wrapped up lunch, go for a stroll along the walking trail or feed the ducks, all the while having a nice conversation.
  2. Get going

    If you and your partner are the outdoors type, a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day would be to go biking or hiking together. Look for biking or walking trails in the countryside or up the mountains which you can explore with your sweetheart. Also enquire beforehand about hiking gear and biking rentals and routes that you can take without entering private property or dangerous zones. Pack along a hamper with food and beverages and plan to stop for a lunch break once you can find a nice shady spot. The day will be well spent getting to know your beloved and also enjoying a common interest as you do so.
  3. Frolicking in the snow

    Around mid-February, many parts of the country still have snow on the ground — but not for too long. So what better way to spend this valentine’s day than by taking advantage of the last days of snow. You could bundle up and go snowshoeing or sledding with your beloved this day; when you feel like catching your breath, pour out  hot chocolate from your thermoses and munch on a picnic lunch that you may have packed from home. Don’t leave though before building a snowman and throwing snowballs at your sweetheart.

  4. Cheer along

    If you and your partner are sports fans, take advantage of the active sporting culture in your city or a  college campus. See what games are scheduled on valentine’s day and then take your date to catch one that she would enjoy. It may be difficult to get tickets for the big games like the ones playing between rival university football teams but if you can manage to get a couple of seats, you are well placed to score a touchdown with your partner. And if not, it can be just as fun to watch the lesser known teams on the campus in action. After all, it is the whole experience of sitting close to your date and loudly cheering together that matters, right?
  5. Bake a cake

    If gorging on chocolates and cakes feels so great, making them could well turn out to be an even more fun experience. So this Valentine’s Day put on your aprons and get down and dirty with your partner in the kitchen. Choose from a wide variety of chocolate cookies, cakes, muffins and brownies that you and your sweetheart can bake on this day. You will have fun not only playing with chocolate sauce or strawberry crush, but at the end of it all, you can even gift each other the goodies that you both have rustled up this valentine’s day.
  6. Get musical

    Music is an integral part of every kind of celebration and especially a romantic one as valentine’s day. So try and get tickets to a music concert featuring your partners’ favorite bands as a most special valentine’s day gift for your date. However if neither of you can afford to be so extravagant, catch a show being put up by one of the college or amateur bands in your city. Alternatively keep an eye out for free, open-air performances which are often held as part of a music festival or cultural extravaganza organized by town/city authorities. Later you can take your date to a café or a small diner for a light bite and some quiet romantic tète-a-tète.
  7. Childhood delights

    If you can afford the entry-fee, you could take your Valentine to an amusement park or even the zoo. These are places where a lot of enjoyable and interesting activities are usually lined up and there are even food courts and luncheon areas where visitors can grab a bite. And what better way to spend a Valentine’s Day than having fun together like when you were kids.
  8. Take in the sights

    If you both are history buffs, one of the most enjoyable Valentine Day ideas would to explore a city or town together. This also works for couples who are keen to keep things casual and fun without getting overly romantic. Check out historic landmarks, monuments and buildings preserved for their antique value. If you don’t have many historic sites in your city, browse through a museum for a trip down the past. Alternately you could visit the local science center or an art gallery if your interests run that way. However enquire beforehand about opening and closing times so that you don’t arrive the day when they are closed. Also if you are planning to make a tour of a historic city, find out about cycling routes, parking bays and public buses so that you don’t get stuck somewhere without transport
  9. Go out in a group

    If you want to keep your valentine’s day casual, a great option is to go out with mutual friends or maybe another couple you get along with. For instance you all could go bowling together or tobogganing, if it has been snowing. The best part of such all group outings or a double date is that it enables you to share costs or make bulk bookings at discounted rates. It will not only be great fun to go back to the games of childhood but can even be hugely romantic with both you and your partner frolicking in the snow together or playing like a team at the bowling alley. Follow it up by stopping at a café for a hot cup of joe or some other warm beverage and you are sure to have the perfect ending to a most amazing Valentine’s Day.
  10. Relive the past

    Fun Valentine’s Day ideas are not necessarily only sought out by young couples. Any couple who has been together for a while can testify to the importance of having fun to keep the romantic fires burning over time. An interesting way to celebrate valentine’s day with your long time partner could be by doing all the things you used to when you were dating each other. Start by revisiting the place where you met each other for the first time which could be a college library or a coffee shop in your old neighborhood. Then go on to do something together like bowling or browsing through an art gallery which brought the two of you closer. For dinner you could go to the restaurant where you went for your first dinner date and then perhaps wind up the evening with a boat ride, a bonfire by the beach or any other way you or your spouse had proposed. Reliving your romantic past will help you to appreciate how far you both have come together and what a wonderful thing that is in this day of quick breakups and messy divorces.