Valentine's Day Ideas for Gays

While the tradition of Valentine’s Day may have begun as a way of men and women expressing their love for each other, today it is as good an opportunity of celebrating same-sex love. So if you are wondering how to spend this day with your partner, here are some great Valentine Day ideas for gays.

Head for the outdoors

If you can manage to take the day off on February 14 and if you particularly lucky to have a spell of nice weather, make full use of it by heading for the outdoors with your partner. Go hiking in the mountains or if you live near a beach, take a dip in the sea. In neither are possible, pick up your bikes and hit the biking trail in your town. Don’t forget to pack in a small rucksack with juice and protein bars so that when feel like taking a break, you can snack healthy. There is something about open nature that makes you feel want to live and love freely and sharing this feeling can be a great way to bond with your partner this Valentines’ Day.

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Cook up a storm

The old adage of finding the way to a man’s heart through his stomach could hold true for your partner as well. Invite your loved one to a dinner at your place and then surprise him by laying out a spread rustled up by your very own fingers. On the other hand if your culinary skills are not advanced enough to cater for a guest, then how about making dinner together? Peeling and chopping may not seem a very romantic idea initially but when you get to play with various tastes, smells, textures and colors of food, it can turn out to be a highly sensual experience. If your partner wants to sample the sauce, have him lick it off your fingers or feed him strawberries for dessert from your mouth and you’ll know what I mean.

A night on the town

Granted you enjoy your partner’s company at all times, but a Valentine Day date is something special. This is a day when you remind your partner that he is really special and you are lucky to have found him. So get out of your home and have a fun-filled night doing what you love. Go to a movie, a dance club or a bowling alley. Round it up with dinner at a favorite place and then perhaps stop at a bar for some liqueur or an after-dinner drink. If you are in a mood for getting cozy with your partner however, avoid places where gay couples are discouraged. While you may want the world to accept your kind of love, remember not everyone is ready as yet and that there is no point in ruining a great evening by inviting trouble.

Let love show

A Valentine’s Day is a time when all couples express their love for each other but gay couples do something more – declare that they are free and proud to love who they choose. If you believe in having the right to love openly or even if you want to just have a good time without worrying about the moral police, then head for the hottest gay nightspots in your city. Here you can enjoy a drink, grab a light bite and get up, close and personal with the guy you love. And then when you are through, head back home for some steamy action of your own.

Plan a movie night at home

If you and your same-sex partner are not comfortable with taking out your love in the open or if your town lacks hip gay spots, then you can have a nice time at home as well. A good idea would be rent a few DVDs with a classic gay theme. Curling up on the couch while watching Brokeback Mountain and sipping some good red wine could set the mood for an intimate evening and a perfect way to celebrate your very own Valentine’s Day.

Go on a vacation

If you want do something extravagant this Valentine’s Day with your partner and have the resources too, a great idea would be to set out for a romantic getaway. Choose from one of the classic gay vacation spots like Florida Keys, Fire Island or look up numerous gay cruises which have been increasing in popularity in same-sex circles. Taking off for a weekend or a few days with your partner will not only be a welcome romantic break but in fact make for an excellent way to spend Valentine’s Day this year.

Coming out of the closet

If you have been involved in a furtive same-sex relationship for some time but now want to ‘come out’, a Valentine’s Day could make for a wonderful occasion to do so. Since this day is all about expressing your emotions for the person you love best, what better way to celebrate it than by declaring to the world who you love? However ‘coming out’ involves a lot of other issues and impacts more than yourself. You not only need to be certain that this is something your partner would also like but prepare, subtly or overtly, other people close to you like family members and close friends for your declaration. Many of those who have come out of the closet would testify to the fact that living and loving freely brings with it its own challenges and rewards but most gratifying is the knowledge that you never need again live and love a lie.