Planning a special Valentine's Day date with your beloved

Couples in love often wait for Valentine’s Day as the perfect excuse to celebrate their relationship and make it a day to remember. If you want your Valentine’s Day with your loved one to be truly memorable it requires some thought and careful planning. Often, the onus is on the man, but women too could expend some effort in this direction.

Begin the day with

A special delivery in the form of long stemmed roses, a box of chocolates or a call to tell her how much she means to you. Or surprise him with an email or greeting card when he opens his mail at the office telling him just how special he makes you feel. You could even drop in a list of all the things you most love about him so that he can read it through the day and feel really special and loved.

As the day progresses

You might want to surprise her by appearing at her workplace and taking her out to lunch. Half the fun lies in the surprise element. You don’t have to take her out to a fancy restaurant; you could make things more romantic by planning a picnic for two. If your schedules don’t permit meeting during the course of the day, call her just to drop suggestive hints of what you have planned for the evening. You might even decide to organize a delivery from a gift store or a boutique that she can wear for your special date in the evening.
For a more extravagant date

You could plan a romantic dinner at a classy restaurant, if you’re in the mood to splurge. Tell her to dress up and ensure you make bookings in advance. You don’t want to kill the romantic mood by spending most of your evening waiting for a table. It would also help to choose a restaurant that caters to her favorite cuisine or one that you know she’s been eager to try out. If ever there was a perfect moment that you’ve been contemplating to pop the question, this could be it!

You could book yourselves on a dinner cruise and enjoy a quiet meal for two with soothing music. Some cruises have dancing as well and holding your loved one in your arms and swaying cheek to cheek, is the perfect way to spend a Valentine’s day.

Or if you’re looking to spend the entire day with your lady love, book yourselves into a bed and breakfast or a cozy, romantic inn, a short drive away. This way you have your sweetheart to yourself and you can spend the entire day gazing into each other’s eyes, holding hands, hugging, kissing and everything in between. To make sure you don’t lose sight that this is, after all Valentine’s day, take along some obvious reminders like a red, heart shaped balloon or a bunch of red roses or even a heart shaped cake and place it in your room to create an ambience.

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If you’re on a budget and are looking for creative, but inexpensive ways to have a great Valentine’s date. Organize a self-catered meal at home. Or order from an affordable takeaway. The important thing is to set the mood with a carefully appointed dinner table complete with good silverware (if you have it), candles (including a few scented ones around the room) and a delicate vase with a single, red rose. Serve a nice red or white wine with a flourish, sip and savor and toast your love. Dinner should be followed by a (preferably) decadent dessert and then maybe some mood music that you can dance to. Just because you’re choosing to dine at home is no reason why you shouldn’t dress up and feast your eyes on each other. Organize a treasure hunt with funny or romantic clues leading to a final destination with a gorgeous gift, appropriately hidden in the bedroom possibly?!

Do something adventurous, preferably that will ensure close proximity. Go ice skating, camp outdoors in a cozy tent for two, or go on a long, romantic drive along a route that offers scenic and breathtaking views. Enjoy the sunset together and talk about some favorite memories that you have created together, all that you love about the other, your dreams and hopes for the future.

If you’re living together or married and you still enjoy the novelty of Valentine’s Day

Begin the day by serving up breakfast in bed and enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee together. Feed each other tidbits of pancake and lick the maple syrup off your partner’s lips!

Cuddle up and enjoy a romantic movie together. You could hark back to your dating days and have a good old fashioned make out session on the couch. Or go to a drive-in and act like teenagers again.

Pack the kids off to their grandparents (if possible) or hire a babysitter and enjoy some ‘couple time’ for a change. You could go out to dinner, either to a new restaurant you’ve been keen to visit or to a place that you have wonderful memories of – maybe where you proposed to her or went on your first date. Rekindle the romance. You don’t even have to leave your house. Seduce your spouse with a massage, rose petals strewn on the bed, silk sheets, candles placed around a tub filled with scented bubbles.

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