Home-made Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

While Valentine’s Day remains one of the most popular romantic holidays in the calendar, there are growing concerns that, like Christmas, this too has been appropriated by the giant of consumerism to serve merely commercial interests. One of the best ways of bucking the trend is to explore home-made Valentine’s Day ideas which would not only save you from going broke but in fact nurture the intimate bond between you and your partner; so whether you are cash-strapped this year or simply want to spend more time with your guy, here are some home-made Valentine’s Day ideas for him.

Down memory lane

Putting together a scrapbook of your memories with your loved one is one of the most meaningful things you can do with him on this Valentines’ Day. Paste photos from times you went out for picnics, celebrated birthdays or clicked snaps of each other for the fun of it. Reserve a special place for any photos or notes you may have from previous Valentine’s Day spent together. Don’t forget to include in the scrapbook love letters, romantic messages scrawled in your partner’s handwriting or even post-it notes reminding one to pick up a favorite dessert or a bottle of wine for the other on their way to a date. Also create captions and write your own comments throughout the scrapbook. The best part of this gift is that it can be added to during your relationship as you continue to create memories together.

Pursue a common hobby

If you and your man are lucky to share a hobby, how about spending your Valentine’s Day in your favorite pursuit. For instance if you both are the artistic sort and met at a painting workshop, why not set up the easel, lay out the paintbrushes and then have your partner pose for you as you catch the rays of the setting sun reflected off his chiseled torso with pastels and colors. If all this seems too hard, indulge a common love of music by composing a melody, writing a song or simply putting on CDs of your favorite singers.  Relationship experts believe that a couple who share common interests have a better chance of staying together than those only drawn by sexual chemistry. And then if your guy is the non-romantic sort, who balks at the prospect of moonlit drives and mushy romantic movies, this is the easiest way to spend a special day with him as well as keep him happy.

Treats to nibble on

For couples who share a sweet tooth, what better way to spend Valentine’s Day than to bake cookies and cupcakes with each other. Apart from being symbolic of Valentine’s Day treats, these also make great gifts for you to indulge your partner with. Cupcakes are in fact one of the easiest desserts to prepare and usually everyone has nice memories of them from childhood. Use pre-mixed cake batter or make the batter from scratch using an easy recipe so that stress levels are low. This is not the time to show off your baking skills or experiment with a complicated recipe – the whole idea is to have fun with your guy – you can playfully sprinkle flour over him, have him lick chocolate sauce off your fingers or feed him luscious strawberries from your lips.

A home-made dinner

Whoever said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach sure knew what she was talking about. So this Valentine’s Day, not only plan a homemade dinner for your guy but to make it even more enjoyable get him to don the apron as well. A romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant is not only overdone but can actually involve a whole lot of hassles right from non-existent reservations to lousy service. On the other hand, cooking dinner together will not only keep your budget on solid ground but even turn out to be a highly sensual experience. Cooking after all is a play of tastes, aromas, textures and colors – and what better way to delight both your senses than through food. At the same time though do not stress out with a five course spread – just stick to a simple menu consisting of an entrée, main course and dessert. Don’t forget to create the right ambience though – with fresh table linen, glowing candles and soft romantic music playing in the background.

A bunch of love coupons

If you want a home-made Valentine’s Day idea that is both practical and romantic as well, you can rarely go wrong by with a bunch of love coupons for your sweetheart. These could range from a hundred kisses or you preparing your partner’s favorite dessert to even helping out with a chore that is normally your partner’s job. ‘Your choice of movie tonight’ or ‘One Breakfast in Bed on Sunday Morning with two ten-second kisses Completely Free’ are other Love Coupon ideas that are sure to go down well with your beloved. Best of all, you can also use them yourself to seek a little lovin’ and indulgence from your beloved. So sit down together and jot down the things you would love to do for each other. At the end, remind your partner that they come with an expiry date and so he should not take forever to redeem the coupons. Your man will not only be thrilled at receiving them but deeply touched to find that you have thought of all his favorite things.

A sensual evening

On the other hand if you want to get things steamier, how about offering a sensual massage to your guy this Valentine’s Day? For this you don’t need to buy a fancy massage kit; instead you can use whatever aromatic lotion or oil you have at home. In order to create a romantic ambience, simply light a few candles around the scene and have some soft music playing in the background. If you and your partner are partial to frolicking in water, you can use the same idea to run a warm bath with some nice-smelling bath salts. The whole idea is to have an intimate time while indulging each other’s sensual side as well.

Look to the future

An innovative way to spend Valentine’s Day at home would be to open a bottle of wine and plan activities for the future that will mean having a romantic time together. The proposed activities could range from catching a new play or having a picnic in the park in the summer months to checking into a spa together for couples’ treatments or stealing away for a weekend break. This is a particularly good idea when Valentine’s Day falls on a working day or you are too beat by evening to go again and wade through more crowds . And who knows your partner may be relieved to find out that he is not expected to do anything special for you on this very day. At the same time planning romantic activities for the days ahead will make you both realize that you are thinking about your future together and this will create an even deeper bond between you two than could have come about by merely jiving at a nightclub.