50 SMS Text messages for Valentine's Day to Send your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

The buzz around V-Day is huge. And rightfully so! With every couple confessing their love for each other, there is time and space for nothing else. Love is all around you and it warrants special attention for your loved one. There are many things you could do to make this day wonderful for your loved one, but starting off with a heartfelt text message would make sure you are on the right track. Of course, following up with a rare treat will make it unforgettable but letting them know that you love them, first thing in the morning, will make it extremely special.

  1. Nothing fancy can convey what I want to say today, I love you sweetheart! Happy Valentine’s Day.
  2. There isn’t any need for a special day to say that I love you and will forever do!
  3. This feeling I feel in my heart, will forever stay, just as fresh today, as it was yesterday.
  4. My love for you grows with time. I’ll love you more than I did yesterday but less than what I will tomorrow.
  5. With you by my side, there is nothing I can’t fight. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  6. We may have been together for long, but each day is as unique as the one before, for it has you in it.
  7. You brighten my day with the sound of your voice. You are the reason for my smiles, Happy Valentine’s Day.
  8. If I could measure my love for you, the oceans of the world wouldn’t suffice! I Love you.
  9. The special bond we share will strengthen if you be mine. Forever! Happy Valentine’s!
  10. You are like the blood in my veins, with every heartbeat, you pump life into me.
  11. Today, I’ll celebrate our love. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  12. I was too scared to ask you before, but on Valentine’s Day, you can’t say no! Will you be mine, forever?
  13. My life is incomplete without you. I love you.
  14. Valentine’s Day is an excuse for others to say I love you! But for me, it’s a day to cherish the times I spent with you.
  15. I have no gift. I have no card. But I have a message that will let you know how I feel in my heart! I love you.
  16. Love makes the world go round. But yours keeps me firmly planted in the ground. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  17. If I could open my heart for you, you’d see how much I love you.
  18. Valentine’s Day is here and all I want to say is that I love you.
  19. Love is like fire. The fiercer it is, the better it looks.
  20. To the world you may be one person, but to me you are the world. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  21. I could proclaim from the rooftops, my love for you, but it would disturb the others, so here, I’ll tell you – I love you!
  22. My love feeds on you. As much as you grow, it grows with you.
  23. Our love is language that our hearts speak. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  24. To let you know I love you, I asked St. Valentine to dedicate this day to you!
  25. Distances may separate us, but our hearts beat as one. I love you.
  26. Every day is Valentine’s when I am with you.
  27. My heart beats for you. My eyes look for you. You are my everything, I love you!
  28. Life is cruel and unkind. But everything looks better when I am with you! Happy Valentine’s Day.
  29. With the rays of the sun, I send warm wishes! The chirping of the birds, bring my message… You are mine and forever will be; I love you now and will for eternity.
  30. He chose me from the rest for he knew I would love you the best. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  31. This day may come once in a year, but my feelings will become stronger than ever. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  32. I’ll be there for you. On Valentine’s too! I love you.
  33. Our love will age with us. But it will become timeless when we depart. I love you!
  34. On days I feel low, I picture you! On the days I feel happy, I see you! You are with me, every second of the day. I love you and that’s here to stay.
  35. Love is blind! Should I walk past you again? Be my Valentine.
  36. My life starts and ends with you! Be my Valentine!
  37. The feelings I have for you are true and complete. There wouldn’t be another who’d be as sure as me. I love you!
  38. My heart tells me I’d die without you! Before it proves to be right, agree to be mine.
  39. I love you honey, Happy Valentine’s Day!
  40. If I could prove my love for you, I’d use a theorem but since love speaks a universal language, I’ll tell you that I love you.
  41. My world is a brighter place because of you. Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you!
  42. We would be great together! Let this relationship move forward. I love you.
  43. My love for you is enough for the both of us. Be my Valentine.
  44. On this special day, I request you to say yes, to the guy who has always been crazily in love with you.
  45. Love may be blind, but when I see you stand in front of me, I know everything is fine. Happy Valentine’s.
  46. You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean, and the beat in my heart. Happy Valentine’s.
  47. It would be wrong if we stayed apart. I love you, honey, come back to me!
  48. On Valentine’s Day, I would like to let you know that you have an admirer who loves you like no other.
  49. My love equals my life. You are my love and my life. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  50. I hope to be the one that makes you smile, always! I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.