Duties of the Best Man at the Wedding

The Best Man is often the groom’s brother, cousin, best friend – a confidant or someone he has been close to for a better part of his life.

Duties of the Best Man (If from out of town, then all the duties may not be possible)


  1. Assist the groom with wedding-related shopping such as his tux, wedding ring, etc.
  2. Coordinate with the groomsmen regarding the tux measurements, payments etc.
  3. Host the bachelor party with the assistance of the groomsmen
  4. Coordinate regarding the rehearsal venue, attend the rehearsal dinner
  5. Assist the groom with any other activities as required

At the wedding…

  1. Assist the groom with getting ready 
  2. Accompany/ drive the groom to the ceremony
  3. Coordinate with the other groomsmen/ male attendants regarding the seating arrangements, when to enter, etc.
  4. Hold the bride’s ring until the exchange of rings
  5. Take care of the officiant in terms of ensuring he has the marriage license, giving him his fee, etc.
  6. Make payments to other service providers, such as chauffeurs, if so requested by the groom
  7. Signing the marriage license as witness
  8. Escorting the Maid/ Matron of Honour and dancing with her
  9. Stand in the receiving line
  10. Make a toast to the bride and groom
  11. Mingle with the guests, ensure they are comfortable
  12. Take charge of the groom’s tux after the reception is over
  13. Take care of bride and groom's luggage, transfer from car to hotel room and arrange to transport wedding gifts from reception to parent’s/groom’s home