Save money when you buy wholesale flowers


You may have at some point sent a bouquet of flowers through an online florist to someone and found it to be rather expensive. Yet, when you want flowers in bulk or wholesale for a special occasional such as a wedding, fund raiser or some other event, you'll find costs come down considerably as such consignments can be shipped at once. If you order a consignment of flowers that is considered as 'wholesale', then overheads incurred by a florist in sending the flowers across are reduced. Large scale economies work and you can for instance, get wholesale wedding roses for less than a dollar each!

Compared to buying from a store close to your home, it can actually be cheaper buying online from some florist hundreds of miles away. The costs of getting the flowers to your doorstep aren't much compared to the costs of running expensive stores.

Many online merchants have a huge range of flowers available for wholesale purchase including roses, dahlias, lilies, gladiola, peonies, orchids, tulips, calla lillies, gerberas and many more. Most deliver throughout USA.

Brick and mortar stores have large overheads paying rent, office expenses and maintaining a staff. Online stores usually source from third parties while keeping a quality check themselves. They usually have minimal staff and run a tight ship. Ultimately, the buyer pays for all expenses of a business and you'll save money buying from an online florist.

Make sure you're buying from a credible merchant. Sometimes a merchant will sell you flowers and then doa last minute cancellation. This is not as chance you want to take if you're getting married or have an important fund raiser or other event you're organizing.

Don't buy too many flowers or too little

Estimate your requirement as accurately as possible so you don't end up buying more than you need. After you've booked the venue for your wedding or event, you'll need to know how many arrangements are required for its decoration. Take a good look at the place and make a mental note of the colorsso the color of the flower arrangement doesn't clash with the color of the venue. The tables you rent for the seating arrangements could have 8, 10 or 12 guests seated at them. This will, in turn determine the requirement of the flower arrangements or the quantity of petals you need.

Compare prices before you buy

Make sure you compare prices before you commit to someone. It's not too hard to compare especially if you're doing your research online. Don't necessarily go for the cheapest florist. The reputation of the company you buy from is important. Read terms and conditions of the florist when you buy wholesale flowers. It's important that the flowers must be delivered on time for the event and in excellent condition. You can buy wholesale flowers for weddings, Valentine day celebrations and other decorations.

Go for wedding flowers that are in season

When you choose flowers that are in season, you'll save a lot of money. These days of course, it's possible to have any kind of flowers from roses to lilies to carnations and hydrangea at any time of the year. Wholesale bulk flowers can be flown in by a florist but invariably you'll pay more for this sort of service. Make sure you're buying flowers that are in season. The time of the year can make a difference. Flower prices are relatively higher in February due to Valentine's day.