Junior and Senior Bridesmaids and their duties at the wedding

The Bridesmaids are often the bride's or groom’s sisters, the bride’s cousins or best friends.

Duties of the Bridesmaids

  1. Assist if required with addressing envelopes, recording wedding gifts received, etc.
  2. Help shop for wedding attire
  3. Assist the matron of honour with hosting the bridal shower
  4. Help maid/ matron of honour organize and contribute to the bachelorette party
  5. Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  6. Arrive at the scheduled time for fittings, appointments, etc.
  7. Arrive at the ceremony and reception venue at the designated time.
  8. Assist the bride with any duties she specially assigns, possibly supervising children in the wedding party, etc.
  9. Mingle with guests, ensure they are comfortable and the reception is running smoothly
  10. Dance with the groomsmen
  11. If there is no separate attendant designated for the purpose, invite guests to record their wishes in the guest book

A bride might choose to have Junior Bridesmaids in case she has a couple of favourite relatives or close friends' daughters who fit the bill. A junior bridesmaid falls into that nebulous area where she is too old to be a flower girl and too young to be a full-fledged bridesmaid, generally between the ages of nine and fourteen.

Duties of the Junior Bridesmaids

  1. Assist at and attend the bridal shower (though usually no financial contribution is expected of them)
  2. Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  3. Hand out programmes at the ceremony (unless there are ushers who perform this function), pass out confetti, rice, etc. In case there are no Junior Bridesmaids, this role falls to the Bridesmaids or an older flower girl.
  4. Walk in the bridal procession

Outfit of the Bridesmaids:

The outfit should complement that of the bridesmaids. If the bridesmaids have a deeper, darker shade, though a pastel complementing shade is also considered appropriate so as to provide contrasting shades for photographs.