Tips for Maids of Honor, Bridesmaids and Junior Bridesmaids at the wedding


The Matron of Honour, Bridesmaids and Junior Bridesmaids have to keep the following in mind: 

Pay for their own wedding attire and accessories, hair and make-up. 

Pay for travel expenses (if from out of town). Accommodation is ordinarily taken care of by the bride, but not always.

Give an individual gift or contribute to a group gift.


Even if you’re not entirely in favour of the style/colour of the bridesmaids' outfit, don’t complain. Be tactful and graciously consent to wear it.

Be attentive during the ceremony. Don’t chat, constantly giggle or act restless. It can prove distracting and annoying to the congregation and the couple. Be courteous towards guests and pleasantly enquire regarding their comfort during the reception.

Be supportive of the bride, as this is a time when emotions are running high and she will be understandably stressed out.

Some pointers in terms of outfits

If you’re having a colour theme/style to your wedding, this will reflect in the matron of honour and bridesmaids’ outfits as well, so make sure you communicate this accordingly.

Choose a colour that will provide a nice contrast with the bridal gown – the photographs turn out much better.

If you have bridesmaids of varying sizes, choose a style that will flatter different shapes - the A-line outfit is a good choice.

If you are having an outdoor reception or ceremony, choose lightweight fabrics and avoid stilettos or heels that will sink into the ground.

Breaking in shoes is also a good idea, so as to avoid being really uncomfortable on the wedding day.