The Flower Girl at a wedding - duties and outfits


The Flower Girl is usually the niece of the bride/groom, a close friend’s daughter or any other young relative, generally between the ages of three and eight.

Duties of the Flower Girl

Attend the rehearsal

Arrive at the ceremony at the designated hour

Walk with the ring bearer or behind him, preceding the bride in the processional carrying basket/strewing petals along the aisle

Pay for the wedding attire and accessories

Pay for travel if from out of town. Lodging expenses are ordinarily taken care of or might have to be borne as well.

Flower Girl's outfit:

It looks nice if the Flower Girl’s outfit complements the bride’s gown or the bridesmaid’s outfits, either in colour or the overall style. Ensure that she is comfortable in whatever is ultimately decided on, as children tend to fidget if they are not entirely comfortable in what they have to wear. Breaking footwear in advance is also a good idea to avoid discomfort.


1. The Flower Girl should be given precise instructions at the time of the rehearsal, to avoid confusion occurring on the wedding day.

2. It might also be advisable to have her attend either the bridal shower or any other pre-wedding event like the bridal luncheon, so that she has a chance to get acquainted with some of the members of the wedding party and they aren’t complete strangers to her on the wedding day.

3. It is also customary, or rather, convenient to have the Flower Girl’s parents sit closer to the front so that she can look to them for support and in the event she may have to join them once her part is over.