Duties of the Groomsmen at a Wedding


The Groomsmen are usually the bride and groom’s brothers, cousins or close friends who are there to assist the groom with any activities he may need help with

Duties of the Groomsmen

Assist the Best Man with hosting the bachelor’s party

Attend the rehearsal

Arrive for fitting/ appointments at scheduled time

Assist the groom with any specific activities he designates 

Help the Best Man decorate the getaway car

Arrive punctually for ceremony/reception

Mingle with the guests, perform introductions, ensure the bar is running smoothly

Dance with the bridesmaids

The Groomsmen are expected to 

Pay for their wedding attire and accessories 

Pay for their travel (if from out of town). Lodging expenses are ordinarily borne by the groom but it can vary.

Additionally, remember…

If the groomsmen will be renting their tuxedos, it is preferable they do it from the same shop, so that the styles or shades don’t differ drastically.

If you’re having an outdoor reception/ceremony and it’s likely to be warm, the male attendants should consider wearing vests with full backs so that they can safely knock off their coats.