Suggested bridegroom gifts


Your best friend or close cousin is getting married and you want to give him something special, here is a list of things you could choose from, either that he and his bride can enjoy as a couple, for the home or exclusively for him.

For the home

1) Paintings
If he’s into modern art or loves a good canvas, you could gift him one for that blank wall in his apartment.

2) Beer mugs
If you’ve bonded over beers and soccer games, a set of monogrammed beer mugs adds a nice touch.

3) Whiskey glasses
In honor of all the past drinking sessions you’ve shared and for the ones yet to come, whiskey glasses are a welcome addition to the crystal cabinet.

4) Wine glasses/liqueur glasses
These are also a useful gift if the couple does a fair bit of entertaining.

5) Mugs with pictures of the couple
Coffee mugs with a picture of the groom and bride, individually for each of them, or with a picture of them together, would also make a nice gift.

6) Photo frame
A neat crystal frame or a decorative frame for the couple’s wedding picture is often a welcome gift. You get some really neat ones with spaces available for the couple’s individual baby snaps too.

7) Monogrammed towels
His and hers towels or monogrammed ones’ are also welcome, especially if the couple is newly setting up home.

For the couple

1) Wedding-related gift
You could even gift him something that will come in use at the wedding, like the guest book or a bottle of vintage champagne that can be popped to raise a toast to the couple.

2) Movie gift box
If you know the bridegroom and his intended are movie buffs, they will be crazy about receiving a gift box of movies that they can cuddle up and watch.

3) His and her's pajamas
There are some really attractive his and her's pajamas available, that will make them feel even more of a couple.

4) Bed and breakfast trip
If you want to gift a little private time to the couple, you could sponsor a bed and breakfast trip and have the joy of knowing that they’re having a good time on your account.


5) His and her's watches
If you’ve got a budget that’s on the higher side, a classy set of his and her's watches is always welcome.

6) ‘How to’ books
He might appreciate a book on ‘How to Make a Success of Your Marriage’ or ‘Spice Up Your Sex life’ or even a suggestive ‘Kamasutra’ that will encourage him and his bride to have some fun together.

7) Naughty gifts
And if you’re bored with the sedate and the predictable gifts, you could gift him a sex toy or a steamy video that they will both enjoy, or even a naughty game guaranteed to make them have some fun.

For him

1) Cuff links and tie slide
A classy pair of cuff links and tie slide (tre-pin) comes in handy on the wedding day, when the groom wants to look his best.

2) Electric shaver/ shaving kit
Give him that clean shaven edge with this gift, and his bride will be thanking you for it!

3) Laptop carrier case
If he’s recently acquired a laptop or his old laptop case needs changing, you could buy him a new one.

4) Boxers
A pair of silk boxers will probably not go amiss for the honeymoon night and if they come with a cheeky message or a cute inscription, it will surely be a treat for the couple.

5) Cigar case
If he enjoys a long draw on a cigar, a classy cigar case, with his initials engraved on it, would be great.

6) Zippo lighter
Most men are always happy to possess one of these.

7) Hip flask
As the song from ‘My Fair Lady’ goes, “I’m getting married in the morning…pull out the stopper, let’s have a whopper..” He’s probably going to need a little nip from his hip flask to quench his thirst after saying ‘I do’.

8) Robe/dressing gown
A bathrobe or terry robe or even a monogrammed dressing gown is a good gift idea.

9) Swiss knife
A Swiss knife always comes in handy and if he doesn’t possess one, it’s about time you gave it to him.

10) Perfume
A designer men’s fragrance is something that will always come in use for the bridegroom who’s going to be kissed by many and will surely want to smell divine.